Search Marathon History


Search Marathon Results 1957 to present, by Club, Name and Year.

We have put together a database of Isle of Wight Marathon results.
It is now populated with all results, starting with the first race in 1957 up to the present day.
You can search this database for dates, individual names and club names or any combination of the 3 categories. If you don’t specify a year, you will be presented with a table of all occurrences of the search name or club from all of the years in the database.
A search for a particular year will produce a listing of the entire result set for that year.
The listings can be sorted by clicking on the appropriate header column.
There are no female results before 1976, as the competition was not permitted by the ruling bodies.
The early years had only the single category Vet, this was split later into V40 & V50 (and of course subsequently further still), these original Vet results appear in the V40 column.