Hampshire Road Race League 2017/18 Season Roundup

Hampshire Road Race League 2017/18 Season Roundup

June also saw a small team compete in Eastleigh 10km the penultimate of the HRRL races, unfortunately the last race in the season Lordshill 10km clashed with the Braiding 10k so we didn’t have any runner at this race, but the good news is that there won’t be any clash next year.


The men’s team had a good season overall, fielding strong teams for most races and finished in 7th position in the second division, and will remain in the second division next season. At one point we were looking to hold onto 5th position, but ended up dropping a couple of places due to having too many incomplete teams compared to the clubs below us.

The ladies team finished 1st in the 3rd division, having been demoted last season, this achievement was mainly as a result of managing to field 8 complete teams out of the 12 races. But the ladies team will need to work hard in the coming season as the clubs in the 2nd division are a lot more competitive and there is only a small difference in points across the 2nd division.


The only runners to get individual rankings, having competed in 7 or more races, were:

Rosie Eldridge 62nd– 7 Races

Carolyn Ward 76th – 7 Races

Trevor McAlister 78th – 10 Races

Andrew Lewis 125th – 7 Races

Thank you to everyone that took part in any of races in this year’s Hampshire Road Race League.



Below are the 12 races that will make up the 2018/19 Hampshire Road Race League Season.

Note: There are a couple of changes to the race schedule this season:

The date of Lordshill 10K has moved so it no longer clashes with Brading 10km

Eastleigh 10K & Hayling 10miles have been replaced by Alresford 10k & Fleet Half

Alresford 10k will clash with the IOW festival


You don’t have to be fast to be part of the club team, all runners contribute to the club’s team ranking in the league, whether you just run one race or several of them. There are also individual rankings within the league for those that do 7 of more races.

Because most of the league races are on the mainland the club will reimburse reasonable travel cost after the first £10 for any Hampshire Road Race League or Hampshire Cross Country League race. We usually arrange group transport to make things easier as well.

Please remember these are all popular races and nearly always fill up weeks before the race. If you want to enter any of these races we recommend doing so at least 6 weeks in advance of the race. We will try and let you know via facebook as races start to fill up.

More details on the Hampshire Road Race League and Hampshire Cross Country League to follow.

Sun 02 Sep 2018               Overton 5miles

Sun 23 Sep 2018               Solent half marathon

Sun 18 Nov 2018              Gosport half marathon

Sun 02 Dec 2018               Victory 5miles

Sun 13 Jan 2019                Stubbington 10K

Sun 03 Feb 2019               Ryde 10miles

Sun 17 Feb 2019               Fleet Half

Sun 14 Apr 2019                Salisbury 10miles

Sun 12 May 2019             Alton 10miles

Sun 19 May 2019             Netley 10K

Sun 16 Jun 2019                Alresford 10k

Sun 30 Jun 2019                Lordshill 10K