Details of Ferry Subsidies for 2021 events

Ferries, via Portsmouth and Lymington.

Concession Details for 2021:

This year the concession is more generous at 50% and we thank Wightlink for this, however travel from the mainland for runners attending our races is limited to 250 crossings and these have to last for all of our races in 2021, please note that runners travelling as a pre-booked group only count as one crossing so we would  like to ask a favour.
We request that runners try and group together if possible to limit the number of tickets…..
1) Cars and four people.
2) On the Ryde Cat runners pre-book in small groups of 4-10, note if bigger groups get to 20 this is a Group Ticket and is discounted AND then the 50% comes off this. As is the case for cars, these group tickets are only available online before the day.
Avoid single person tickets on Cat – We realise this adds difficulty as people just like to turn up and buy a ticket but it will help us immensely. We expect that lots of clubs will be heading for the same crossings making this request more practical. Of course if you’re travelling independently then single crossings are still available.

We thank you for your cooperation.

The applicable concession promo code is – MPRHRR
It is Valid for day returns and for short stay returns (Friday to the Monday either side of the race weekend)

These are the applicable dates for 2021:
02.04.21 – 05.04.21: Newport to Ryde / West Wight 3 Hills
11.06.21 – 14.06.21: Brading 10km
25.06.21 – 28.06.21: Ryde 10 Miles
13.08.21 – 16.08.21: Isle of Wight Half Marathon
10.09.21 – 13.09.21: Fell Running Championships
08.10.21 – 11.10.21: Isle of Wight Marathon