Club Night Run Easter Egg 5 miles

Starting up hill from the Club go up Apply Lane, cross over Appley Road and along Malborough Road.
Turn left at the traffic lights at Westridge Cross into Bullen Road. (1 mile)
Continue on to the sharp left hand bend (cross to the right-hand side well before the bend)
Turn right into Gregory Avenue (2 mile), then right into Nettlestone Hill and head up the hill towards Nettlestone Green. (There is a footpath on the left of Nettestone Hill which is safer than the road)
At Nettlestone Green turn left down the hill into Seaview Lane.
Going into Seaview take the right fork off the main road into Old Seaview Lane. (3 mile)
Continue on down the road across the mini roundabout and into High Street and past the Old Fort Tavern.
Straight ahead into Bluett Avenue (3.5 mile), then along Duver Road towards Appley past the tower and finish outside the Club

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