Club Night Run 5m MT Salterns

Starting up hill from the Club go up Apply Lane, cross over Appley Road and along Malborough Road.
Turn left at the traffic lights at Westridge Cross into Bullen Road. (1 mile)
When the road does a sharp left-hand bend turn off to the right (cross to the right-hand side well before the bend), then after 50m turn left down the track.
Follow the track for 600m until you pass through a group of farm buildings & houses, take the left-hand track as you leave the buildings. (2 mile)
After 200m the track branches, take the left-hand footpath down to the scrap yard at the end of Park Lane.
Follow the footpath that runs around the right-hand side on the scrap yard and takes you around the back (don’t go down Park Lane), turn left when the footpath joins Eddington Road.
Turn left at Nettlestone Green (3 mile), then turn off Nettlestone Hill on the sharp left-hand corner where the pavement stops, take the footpath that leads away from the road directly on the corner. (not the path that runs next to the road)
Follow this footpath through the woods until it comes out on Pond Lane, follow the major path North then turn left into Saltern’s Road, then left into Duver Road towards Appley past the tower and finish outside the Club.