Club Night Run-10k Nominated Road

Start outside the club facing up hill, up Appley Lane cross over Appley Road and along Malborough Road crossing to the right-hand pavement before the traffic lights.
Turn right at the traffic lights at Westridge Cross (1 mile), and then left down Smallbrook Lane.
Turn left at Smallbrook mini-roundabout and head up Ashey Road. (2 mile)
After the railway bridge turn left down Green Lane (3 mile), then left into Harding Shute.
Turn left and go up Beaper Shute (4.5 mile), towards Westridge Cross. (Be aware of fast moving traffic!)
After the Tescos roundabout cross onto the right-hand pavement before you get to the traffic lights.
Straight on at the Westridge Cross traffic lights and down Malborough Road, and carry on to the end of the road.
Cross over Appley Road and go down Appley Lane to the bottom and finish outside the Club.

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