Club Night Run 10k MT Nettlestone

Turn right out of the Rowing Club, along Appley past the tower towards Seaview.
Run the length of Duver Road bearing right then left into Bluett Avenue continuing past the Old Fort Tavern, continue running up Old Seaview Lane past the Seaview Hotel. (1.5 mile)
Turn left at the mini roundabout down Pier Road, at the boat park tack the upper road that goes behind the big flats. (2 mile)
Follow the track, then footpath, until it comes out on the slipway for Seagrove bay, turn right and go straight up the hill along Ferniclose Road.
At the top of the hill, cross Priory Drive, and take the footpath into the field opposite.
Follow the footpath along the edge of the fields, then turn right into Eddington Road. (3 mile)
At the first corner of Eddington Road, turn off the road and take the track straight ahead.
After 700m take the first major right turn off the track and follow it to a group of farm buildings & houses. (4 mile)
300m after the buildings as the track starts to rise again, take the footpath on the right-hand side just after the hedge.
When the footpath comes out onto Nettlestone Hill, turn left up the hill and cross over taking the footpath that runs along the lane in front of the Wishing well pub.
Turn right down Oakhill Road (5 mile), then left along Springvale Road towards Appley past the tower finishing at the club.