Club Night Routes – Well St. 10k Nominated

Bear left at the start onto North Walk.
Run to the end of North Walk.
After the roundabout cross to the Left hand side of the main Esplanade road when traffic allows.
Turn hard left after Ryde Castle (1km) onto Dover St. then East St. then the Strand.
Run along the Strand, crossing to the right and then turn right into Monkton St. (1 mile)
At the end of Monkton St. turn right into St. Johns Road (2km) but be prepared to cross the road very carefully, so that you can turn left into Quarry Road almost immediately.
Follow Quarry Road until you get to Well St. then turn right and run up the hill to the top.
Turn left into Swanmore Road, after the pub cross to the right hand side when safe, and continue until you get to Partlands Avenue. (3km)
Turn into Partlands Ave and run to the end turning right into Pellhurst Road.
Run down Pellhurst Road on the left side and continue into Binstead Road at the Traffic Lights. (4km)
Cross Binstead Road to the right hand side before you get to Ringwood Road, please be very careful. (5km Ringwood Road)
Continue along Binstead Road to the top of the hill and turn right into Church Road.
Follow Church Road keeping right all the time until it merges with Pitts Lane (6km)  then follow Pitts Lane all the way back to Binstead Road.
At Binstead Road turn left and run back up the to the Golf Course entrance (7km), take the footpath through to Spencer Road. Take care it gets quite dark here.
Run the full length of Spencer Road, ( 8km West St)turning left into St. Thomas’s St.
Run down St. Thomas’s St. cross to the left when safe, then keeping left run around the roundabout by the rail station.
Now run along the seaward side of the Esplanade (9km Bowls Club), finishing outside the clubhouse. (10km)

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