Club Night Route – Summer 5mile Nominated

Turn left out of the Rowing Club down the left-hand side of the canoe lake, along the Esplanade and past the Bus station.
Continue to the Prince Consort (1mile) and then run up St. Thomas’s Street. as far as Spencer Road.
Turn right into Spencer Road and run its full length, passing through the footpath at the end, then turn right down Ladies Walk which runs alongside the golf course.
Run the full length of Ladies Walk (2 mile), and continue across the bridge and up the other side to Binstead Church.
Turn left at the church into Pitts Lane and follow it all the way back to the main Binstead Road.
At Binstead Road turn left and run back up past the Golf Course entrance (3 mile), continuing on the main road to the traffic lights.
At the traffic lights turn left into Queen’s Road, then left into West Street at the next traffic lights, staying on the left-hand side of the road until after Lind Street (start of two-way traffic) then cross to the right.
Turn right at the bottom of the hill into Spencer Road and continue to the end of the road, turn left into St Thomas Street, past the Prince Consort (4 mile) and join the Esplanade. .
Staying on the sea side, continue along the esplanade past the bus station, down the left-hand side of the canoe lake, finishing at the club.

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