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Captain’s Report – June 2021


Captain’s Report – June 2021   Results for Needles Half Marathon, 6th June Gary MARSHALL                               01:19:11 (1st Overall) Andrew MCEWEN                            01:41:31 Peter WILMOTT                                01:48:26 Jodie WILMOTT                                 01:48:27 Trevor MCALISTER                           01:51:33 Ken OATLEY                                        01:53:49 BERNARD MERRY                             01:56:59 Sarah PEAKE                                       02:04:05 Claire ANGELL                                    02:04:07 Richard MELVILLE                             02:04:21 Diana SWYERS                                   02:05:53 Elizabeth PARKES                             02:08:09 Jo STEVENSON                                  02:10:25 Sally […]

Captain’s Report – May 2021


Captain’s Report – May 2021 Races are getting back underway; with Harriers competing in races on the Island and on the mainland.   Results for Real Races 5km, Prestwold, 2nd May Callum Gillett                     00:15:37   Results for British Milers Club Grand Prix – Trafford 5,000m, 8th May Henry Mcluckie (2nd claim) 00:14:06.7 (9th overall)   […]

Captain’s Report – April 2021


Captain’s Report – April 2021 With the relaxation of the lockdown rules in April we returned to the track, contact Rowland to book your place at the track. Braiding 10km is planned for 13th June 2021 and will be Covid safe, places are still available, closing date is 15th May. Ryde 10m has been re-scheduled […]

The Undulations of Motivation…

  We all run for many different reasons, but I imagine that most of us do it because we enjoy it.  What happens though on the days we’re just not that into it?  Does it then become an exercise in guilt?  A punishment?  A reason to feel ashamed?  Why is that?  I guess the answer […]

Captain’s Report – December 2020


Captain’s Report – December 2020 December has seen what we hope is a return of more races, if only the local ones, with the Chilly Hilly being both the first and last race of the year for some. Ryde 10m has been scheduled for 7th March 2021, but with entries limited to 200, make shore […]

Run Leader Small Group Sessions


Thankfully, we can return to running in small groups now that we are out of lockdown again. These can be arranged informally and should be in groups of 6 or less. In addition, many of our Run Leaders previously ran small group training sessions and we hope that they will do so again. To support […]

The Track Returns

The Track Returns

Following the end of the second lockdown period, the Club’s track sessions will resume on Tuesday 8th December. As before they will run from 6.00 to 7.00 and will be led by our coach Geoff Watkin. Attendance will again be strictly be by invite only and we will operate a rota system to ensure that […]