Captain’s Report – October 2018

Captain’s Report – October 2018

Well done to everyone that took part in events during October!!  Here are the results xxxxx


Results for Nettlestone 5km / 5m 7th October

Well attended by Ryde Harriers

Jake Brougham was 1st in the 5 miles

Trevor McAlister was 3rd in the 5 miles

Results for Chester Marathon 7th October

Charlie Metcalfe 02:53:20 (2nd Vet 40, 6th Lady overall)

Andrew McEwen 02:55:57 (3rd Vet 55)

Results for Bournemouth Half Marathon 7th October

Claire Angell 01:50:23

Mark Wright 01:54:01

Rachel Powell 01:57:42

Bob Somers 01:58:37

Results for Oxford Half Marathon 7th October

Joe Evens Murray 01:20:29


Results for King’s Park, Bournemouth HXCL 13th October

Leslie Cupis 00:39:33 (155th)

Trevor McAlister 00:42:20 (198th)

Samantha Farncourt 00:30:36 (130th)

Natalie Rose 00:31:48 (150th)

Hayley Tutton 00:40:20 (186th)

Results for IOW Marathon 14th October

Richard MELVILLE 03:28:04 (3rd Vet 40)

Graham GARDNER 03:42:34

Ken BEAK 03:59:13 (2nd Vet 55)

Elaine PARRY 04:02:58 (5th Lady, 1st Vet 45)

Sarah SMITH (2) 04:07:40 (6th Lady, 2nd Vet 35)

Jonathan NORTON 04:17:22 (1st Vet 70)

Bryan JONES 04:19:17

Mike DIGNAN 04:48:01

Sasha LEVRIER 05:12:58

Simon LEVRIER 06:34:57 (Sweeper)


Results for Great South Run 5k 20th October

Louise Wilcock 00:30:39 (3rd Vet 55)


Results for Great South Run 10m 21st October

Bryan Jones 01:07:25

Richard Melville 01:07:56

Graham Gardener 01:12:27

Simon Joy 01:14:31

Roger Merry 01:21:16

Paul Taylor 01:21:17

Michael Dignan 01:21:32

Tracey Dillon 01:25:46

Natalie Rose 01:26:00

Lisa Robertson 01:26:18

Joshua Woodnutt 01:30:00

Stella Gamble 01:37:01

Ian Pethick 01:40:52

John Randles 01:44:10

Darren Kingsbury 01:45:58

Jane Warren 02:03:19

Beth Holloway 02:12:34

Sue Clerkin 02:16:04

Amanda Chaddah 02:18:06

Results for Clwydian Hill Fell Race 9m 21st October

Les Cupis 01:35:00 (3rd Vet 50)


Results for Exmoor 10k 27th October

Kate Young 01:24:08

Results for Wight Tri Chale Ballbuster Duathlon 28th October

(Run 4.5km/ Bike 17.5km/ Run 4.5km)

Trevor McAlister 01:30:23 (2nd Nominated 23s out)

Les Cupis 01:24:22 (4th Nominated 38s out)

(Run 2.75km/ Bike 17.5km/ Run 2.75km)

Martin Goodall 01:10:50 (10th Nominated 5m 50s out)