Captain’s Report – November 2018

In November we had our annual dinner & dance, congratulations to everyone that won prizes.

Results for Oakhaven Forest Half Marathon 4th November

Catherine Young               01:47:40


Results for Off the Tarmac ultra 30m 10th November

Les Cupis                             05:00:50 (8th overall)

Results for Sugar Loaf Fell run 10th November

Nigel Eldridge                    00:56:24

Jimi Eldridge                       01:03:13

Abigail Cooke                    01:06:36

Rosie Eldridge                    01:20:07

Hayley Tutton                    01:38:03


Results for Wellesley Woodlands, Aldershot HXCL 10th November

Trevor McAlister               00:44:15 (210th)

Phil Nettleton                    00:45:19 (229th)

Ken Beak                             00:47:30 (265th)

Sam Cleare                         00:48:57 (280th)

Mike Dignan                       00:51:54 (297th)


Samantha Fancourt         00:31:28 (126th)

Natalie Rose                       00:34:19 (170th)

Jo Beak                                 00:39:01 (197th)


Results for Portchester Fort Nelson Remembrance run 11th November

Sue Clerkin                          01:16:45


Results for Brighton 10km 18th November

Charlie Metcalfe               00:37:30 (4th Vet 35)


Results for Gosport Half Marathon 19th November

Richard Melville                01:28:45

Trevor McAlister               01:32:29

Graham Gardner              01:33:54

Ken Beak                              01:41:44

Julie King                             01:43:21 (5th Vet 50)

Michael Dignan                                 01:44:11

Tracey Dillon                      01:44:51

Roger Merry                       01:46:55

James Barclay                    01:51:23

Lisa Robertson                  01:54:08

Natalie Rose                       01:57:59

Robert Somers                  02:02:35

Carolyn Ward                     02:07:31

Stephen Lee                       02:08:19 (2nd Vet 75)

Lindsey Stapeley               02:08:00

Rosie Eldridge                    02:08:47

Sarah Probert                    02:08:48

Stella Gamble                    02:09:24

Beth Holloway                   02:45:20


Results for Maverick Dark race 10km 24th November

Kate Young                         01:14:58


Results for Wight Tri Coldwell Duathlon 25th November

(Run 4.1km/ Bike 16km/ Run 4.1km)

Trevor McAlister               01:14:55 (9th Nominated 5m 5s out)