Captain’s Report – March 2019

March has been a busy month with some top performances and quite a number of firsts.

Alison Critchley, Pippa Sharp, Jake Brougham, Isabella Brougham completing Half Marathons for the first time, and Jake getting an excellent time as well.

Charlie Metcalfe performed well in the Essex 20m, I (Trevor) was on top form for the Larmer Tree 10m, and Abigail Cooke performed will in the Larmer Tree Marathon.

Bryan Jones and Les Cupis were on top form for the Fleet Half Marathon, and Adam Tuck performed well in the hilly Queen Elizabeth Spring Marathon.


Results for Essex 20m 3rd March (Inter-Counties Championship race)

Charlie Metcalfe               02:14:22 (2nd Vet 35, 4th Lady)

(2nd counter for the Hampshire team which was 2nd in the event)


Results for West Worthing 10k 10th March

Sue Clerkin                          02:24:26


IWRR Friendly Frolic 10th March

Sarah Probert

Julie King

Kate Young

Laurie Woodford


Results for Larmer Tree 10m (actually 11m) 9th March

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Trevor McAlister               01:21:41 (5th Overall)

Graham Gardner              01:38:30

Sam Cleare                         01:38:30

Ken Beak                             01:40:19 (4th Vet 55)

Tom Brading                       01:51:44

Michael Dignan                 02:00:19

Sally Roberts                      02:28:48

Jo Beak                                 02:28:48

Tracey Dillon                      02:28:48

Elaine Parry                        02:28:48

Rosie Eldridge                    02:28:48

Samantha Fancourt         02:28:48


Results for Larmer Tree Half Marathon (actually 14m) 9th March

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Richard Melville                01:58:01 (22nd Overall, 6th Vet 40)

Hannah Walker                 02:44:02

Keith Ruth                           02:44:02

Natalie Rose                       02:44:02

Sasha Levrier                     02:48:59


Results for Larmer Tree Dark 8m 9th March

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Sam Cleare                         01:31:47

Rosie Eldridge                    01:31:48

Elaine Parry                        01:31:49

Trevor McAlister               01:31:49

Sally Roberts                      01:32:04 (1st Vet 55)

Ken Beak                             01:32:08 (2nd Vet 55)

Samantha Fancourt         01:32:08

Michael Dignan                 01:32:19

Richard Melville                01:32:20

Graham Gardner              01:32:20

Results for Larmer Tree 20m 10th March

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Carolyn Ward                     04:35:05

Keith Ruth                           04:35:05


Results for Larmer Tree Marathon 10th March

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Abigail Cooke                    04:24:44 (6th Lady, 2nd Vet 30)

Sasha Levrier                     05:52:52


Results for Draycott Water Half Marathon 10th March

Alison Critchley                 02:12:20

(1st Half Marathon)


Results for Fleet Half Marathon 17th March

Bryan Jones                        01:24:33

Les Cupis                             01:24:34

Trevor McAlister               01:27:53

Cliff Morley                        01:39:52

Catherine Young               01:46:42

Caroline Dall-Whittall      02:00:52

Stephen Lee                       02:01:43 (4th Vet 75)

Keith Ruth                           02:03:42

Carolyn Ward                     02:03:43

Sarah Probert                    02:07:55

Robert Somers                  02:07:55

Rachel Powell                    02:10:47

Pippa Sharp                        02:24:42 (First Half)

Kate Couch                         02:24:43

Beth Holloway                   02:41:37




Results for Bath Half Marathon 17th March

Jake Brougham                 01:18:25

Claire Angell                       01:46:33

Isabella Brougham           02:08:35


Results for Reading Half Marathon 17th March

Joe Evans-Murray            01:28:40

Mike Dignan                       01:49:55


Results for Paphos 10km 17th March

Angela Thornton              01:07:07

Sue Clerkin                          01:23:00 (5th Vet 70)

Results for Rog Run 7.4m 24th March

Trevor McAlister               00:52:37 (2nd Overall)

Les Cupis                             00:53:36 (4th Overall)

Richard Melville                00:56:19

Eric Diamond                     00:57:30

Graham Gardner              00:58:47

Julie King                             01:04:19 (1st Lady)

Cherry Shannon (and Bob) 01:10:30

Rosie Eldridge                    01:11:28

Philippa Daley                    01:12:13

Brian Warren                     01:12:50

Nat Jane Rose                    01:14:04

Bob Somers                        01:15:07

Tracey Dillon                      01:16:14

Sally Roberts                      01:16:15

Steve Lee                            01:16:33

Pippa Sharp                        01:18:40

Alison Critchley                 01:19:58


Results for Jurassic Coast Challenge 86miles 11,500ft Assent 22- 24th March

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Sasha Levrier                     22:02:13 (total time)

Day 1 (28miles)                   06:49:58

Day 2 (29miles)                  07:23:06

Day 3 (29miles)                  07:49:09


Results for Llanbedr to Blaenafon fell race 15.7m 4,320ft Assent 30th March

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Nigel Eldridge                    03:08:14

Trevor McAlister               03:30:53


Queen Elizabeth Spring Marathon 31st March

Adam Tuck                          03:55:56 (20th Overall)