Captain’s Report – July 2018

July has been hills, more hills, mountains, with even the road races being hilly.

The month started will the traditional Harriers away weekend to the Brecon Beacons in South Wales, with two brutal, but very enjoyable, fell races over a hot weekend.

Not content with just fells, 3 Harriers went off up to North Wales to run up and down Snowdon the following weekend. Unfortunately, Nigel took a bit of a tumble with just 3 miles to go in the marathon and had to retire from the race to save his good looks.

Elsewhere Harriers were trying out events new to them, Julie King competed in a Go Tri event, and Adam Tuck achieved first place in his first 6-hour race.

Back on the Island, Harriers were well represented at the very hilly & hot St Gorges 10m event, with Joe Evans-Murray achieving 4th overall, and Charlie Metcalfe getting 1st lady.

Catherine Young & Sasha Levrier ran in the hilly Dorset Invader Half Marathon, and Kate Young took on the Midnight Marathon.

Closer to home, the Bembridge trail run was well support despite the rain.


Results for Fan y big Fell Run (10m 2,200 ft assent, BM) 7th July

Les Cupis                             01:37:30 (4th Vet 50)

Nigel Eldridge                    01:44:38

Richard Melville                 01:51:51

Trevor McAlister               01:51:52

Elaine Parry                        01:57:34 (5th Vet 40)

Andrew Leal                       02:28:08

Rosie Eldridge                    02:33:04



Results for Pen y Fan Fell Run (3.5m 1,930 ft assent, AS) 8th July

Les Cupis                             00:49:04 (7th Vet 50)

Nigel Eldridge                    00:51:54

Jimi Eldridge                       00:56:48

Richard Melville                 01:01:46

Trevor McAlister               01:01:46

Elaine Parry                        01:03:07 (5th Vet 40)

Rosie Eldridge                    01:16:08 (7th SF)

Andrew Leal                       DNF



Results for Go Tri (Swim 200m, Cycle 9km, Run 2km) 14th July

Julie King                             00:37:21

Results for Scott Snowdonia Trail Half Marathon (3,812 ft assent, 758 runners) 15th July

Bryan Jones                        02:28:08 (5th Vet 50, 70th Overall)

Trevor McAlister               02:31:34 (83rd Overall)

Results for Scott Snowdonia Trail Marathon 15th July

Nigel Eldridge                    Retired at 23miles in spectacular style, and got a ride in an ambulance.

Results for GB24 (24-hour race) 22nd July

Les Cupis                             57.7 miles, 10,400ft of ascent


Results for Why Not Run (6-hour race) 22nd July

Adam Tuck                          05:30:34, 38 miles (1st overall)


Results for St Georges 10m 22nd July

1st Ladies Team – Charlie Metcalfe, Julie King & Elaine Parry

3rd Ladies Team – Samantha Fancourt, Natalie Rose & Lisa Robertson

3rd Men’s Team – Joe Evans-Murray, Paul Muffett & Richard Melville


Joe Evans-Murray            01:04:10 (4th Overall)

Charlie Metcalfe               0108:16 (1st Lady, 11th Overall)

Paul Muffett                      01:11:28 (1st Vet 60)

Richard Melville                01:15:26

Trevor McAlister               01:17:40

Graham Gardner              01:18:22

Julie King                             01:21:46 (2nd Vet 45)

Andrew Hedgecox           01:24:42

Elaine Parry                        01:25:02

Roger Merry                       01:27:48

Samantha Fancourt         01:27:54

Michael Dignan                 01:29:21

Natalie Rose                       01:34:15

Lisa Robertson                  01:36:46

Andrew Leal                       01:36:53

Stephen Lee                       01:37:21 (1st Vet 70)

Claire Angell                       01:39:10

Catherine Young               01:39:33

Sarah Probert                    01:50:17

Carolyn Ward                     01:50:28

Simon Levrier                    01:51:40

Hayley Tutton                    02:04:06


Results for Rossi 5K 28th July

Sue Clerkin

Results for Newry & Mourne Ladies Mini Marathon (10km) 29th July

Sue Clerkin                          01:14:22


Results for Dorset Invader Half Marathon 29th July

Catherine Young               02:49:37

Sasha Levrier                     02:53:24

Results for Midnight Marathon 29th July

Kate Young                         07:42:58

Bembridge Trail Run 5m 29th July