Captain’s Report – December 2019

Captain’s Report – December 2019

December was a busy month, that all too soon rolled into January.

It started off with a record-breaking turnout of 34 Harriers at Victory 5m, almost double our usual number, only for this record to be smashed by Stubbington 10km in January. Full report to follow.

Chilly Hilly lived up to its name again, with gale force winds over Tennyson. Team work was required to take it in turns to shelter from the wind behind other runners. A number of Harriers finished high in the race results, with Charlie taking 3rd overall and right on the heels of 2nd place.

A number of Harriers took on the brutal Portsmouth Coastal, competing in the Half, Marathon & Ultra distances.


Results for Victory 5m (HRRL) 1st December

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Joe Wade                            00:24:31 (3rd Overall, 2nd SM)

Jake Brougham                 00:27:16 (17th Overall)

Dave Hunt                           00:27:35

Adam Tuck                          00:27:47

Charlie Metcalfe               00:29:33 (1st Vet40, 6th Lady)

Trevor McAlister               00:29:52

Ken Oatley                          00:32:16

Matthew Jacobs               00:32:37

Harry Furmidge                 00:32:46

Graham Gardner              00:33:26

Peter Young                       00:34:20 (1st Vet 70)

Dave Slack                           00:34:41

Sarah Peake                       00:34:48

Claire Grace                        00:35:33

Rowland Sillito                   00:35:09

Roger Merry                       00:38:08

Natalie Rose                       00:40:35

Keith Ruth                           00:41:14

Carolyn Ward                     00:41:16

Lisa Robertson                  00:41:53

Diane Swyers                     00:42:19

Carole Barry                       00:44:53

Pippa Sharp                        00:46:11

Samantha Fancourt         00:47:59

Sarah Probert                    00:47:59

Stacey Flanagan                00:50:45

Louise Wilcock                   00:52:16

Tracey Webb                     00:53:28

Elizabeth Holloway          00:53:39

Sue Green                           00:53:59

Sandra Norris                     00:54:33

Jacqueline Dziuba            00:55:27

Sarah Thompson              00:55:50

Joy Furmidge                     00:59:01


2nd Men’s Team (Joe Wade, Jake Brougham, Dave Hunt)


Results for Salisbury Plain Marathon 7th December

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Sasha Levrier                     05:43:18


Results for Goodwood 10k 8th December

Louise Carver                     01:03:55

Dominique Carver            01:03:29


Results for Chilly Hilly 10m 8th December

Charlie Metcalfe               01:12:42 (1st Lady, 3rd Overall)

Trevor McAlister               01:13:52 (8th Overall)

Bryan Jones                        01:16:26 (1st Vet 50)

Nigel Eldridge                    01:19:38

Ken Oatley                          01:24:23

Graham Gardener           01:27:42

Richard Melville                01:27:42

Rod Taylor                           01:28:34

Ken Beak                             01:31:10

Roger Merry                       01:34:34

Claire Campbell                 01:39:21

Jo Stevenson                     01:46:59

Sally Roberts                      01:46:59

Rosie Eldridge                    01:51:28

Simon Levrier                    01:55:21

Carole Barry                       01:57:53

Brian Warren                     01:59:05

Linda Spencer                    01:59:44

Craig Robins                       02:01:24

Rachel Reynard                 02:01:25

Rachel Powell                    02:03:10

Bob Somers                        02:03:10

Caroline Dall-Whittall      02:05:40

Alison Critchley                 02:07:45

Reniera O’Donnell            02:07:54

Carolyn Ward                     02:09:32

Diana Swyers                     02:09:54

Sarah Probert                    02:10:19

Keith Ruth                           02:10:21

Nat Rose                              02:10:21

Kath Levrier                        02:14:46


Results for Telford 10km 8th December

Peter Young                       00:43:33 (4th Vet 70)


Results for Portsmouth Coastal Ultra 50km 22nd December

Richard Melville                04:55:12


Results for Portsmouth Coastal Marathon 22nd December

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Jo Stevenson                     04:32:05

Simon Levrier                    05:53:44


Results for Portsmouth Coastal Half Marathon 22nd December

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Kath Levrier                        02:29:17


Results for Abominable Snowman 10m & 10km 29th December

Well attended by Ryde Harriers. With some taking a wrong turn on route.