Captain’s Report – August 2019

Captain’s Report – August 2019

Well done to all harriers that competed during the month of August. I couldn’t seem to find any pictures for the Bembridge trail 5mile run? if anyone has some let me know and i will add them in. Great running folks keep up the good work. Don’t forget white tops and reflective bibs are  compulsory now that the darkness has arrived.We will be seen as we pound the Ryde  pavements  around the winter series routes.

Raffle tickets will once again be on sale at club this week. the draw will take place at our annual dinner dance awards night, some really lovely prizes to be won!! you have to be in it to win it folks. All money raised is going to the diabetic centre, st marys hospital. Come and find Jo Beak and myself to get some tickets xxxxxx

Good luck to all the awesome people that are running the Isle of Wight marathon on Sunday!! especially those that are doing their very first ever marathon!!  The training is done enjoy your  week of tapering whoop whoop you will all be smashing it.


Results for Bembridge Trail run 5m 4th August

Jake BROUGHAM 00:31:38 (2nd Overall)

Trevor MCALISTER 00:35:08

Nigel ELDRIDGE 00:36:53

Tom ROBINSON 00:38:22

Graham GARDNER 00:38:54

Gordon BUSHELL 00:42:02

Ken BEAK 00:42:04

Hannah WALKER 00:42:17 (3rd Lady)

Roger MERRY 00:43:25

Elaine PARRY 00:43:53 (1st Vet)

Jo STEVENSON 00:45:05 (3rd Vet)

Claire CAMPBELL 00:45:27

Nick HERBERT 00:48:32

Rosie ELDRIDGE 00:49:06

Isabella BROUGHAM 00:49:06

Brian WARREN 00:50:16

Dominique CARVER 00:50:28

Caroline DALL-WHITTALL 00:50:34

Keith RUTH 00:51:48

Scott STILLWELL 00:54:08

Diana SWYERS 00:54:42

Natalie ROSE 00:58:28

Joanne BEAK 00:58:28

Laurie WOODFORD 00:58:58

Gabbie GINN 01:11:25

Beth HOLLOWAY 01:11:26

Kate COUCH 01:19:16


Results for Mourne 10k 4th August

Sue Clerkin 01:18:06

Results for Salisbury 54321 42km 11th August

(Travel Sponsored by Wightlink)

Tom Brading 05:12:55

Results for Salisbury 54321 50km 11th August

(Travel Sponsored by Wightlink)

Sasha Levrier 06:17:44

Results for IOW Half Marathon 18th August

Leslie CUPIS 01:25:14 (1st Vet M50)

Dave HUNT 01:26:06

Joe EVANS-MURRAY 01:29:22

Trevor MCALISTER 01:33:04

Peter YOUNG 01:40:01 (1st Vet M70)

Sarah PEAKE 01:46:12

Graham GARDNER 01:47:16

Cliff MORLEY 01:47:44

Rod TAYLOR 01:49:21

Ken BEAK 01:50:31

James BARCLAY 01:58:16

Nick HERBERT 01:59:02

Natalie ROSE 01:59:52

Keith RUTH 02:01:18

Bob SOMERS 02:05:05 (3rd Vet M70)

Lisa ROBERTSON 02:07:12

Scott STILLWELL 02:09:29

Carole BARRY 02:09:53

Linda SPENCER 02:11:46

John NORTON 02:15:13

Sian SAVIN 02:16:25

Alison CRITCHLEY 02:26:43

2nd Men’s team (Leslie CUPIS, Dave HUNT, Joe EVANS-MURRAY)

3rd Lady’s team (Sarah PEAKE, Natalie ROSE, Lisa ROBERTSON)




Results for Lakeside 5k (Race 5) 28th August

Adam Tuck 00:16:59

Peter Young 00:21:40