Stubbington 10km 2020

Stubbington 10km 2020 – By Trevor McAlister, with contributions from Joe Wade, Charlie Metcalfe, Jodie Wilmott, Jodie Woolston.


It was Sunday 12th January 2020, and a sea of Red was gathering in Ryde!

No this is not the prologue to an apocalypse novel, but runners from Ryde Harriers preparing to board the Fast Cat, for what would be the largest team to compete in a none-Island race in the club’s history. (Ryde Harriers was founded in 1886)

A big thank you to Wightlink for their continued sponsorship of travel for Ryde Harriers. It was quite impressive to see so many Harriers on the Fest Cat, we filled half of the forward cabin.

The team of 58 Harriers were transported in two coaches from Portsmouth to the start of the race in Stubbington. Arriving in good time to join the other 2,000 competitors, collecting their race numbers and long sleeve race T-shirts. The latter being very popular among runners, for its usefulness as a base layer, for those 1 or 2 days a year when it’s too cold or windy to run in just shorts and a running vest!

As everyone headed to the start line the weather conditions were good, but a little too breezy to be called perfect. This is when good race tactics of sheltering behind other runners and running in packs can give you the advantage.

Hopes and expectations were high amongst the Harriers as the race got underway, Stubbington 10km is seen as a fast and flat course. Well, flat compared to Isle of Wight standards anyway! where you can’t do more than a couple of miles without having to go up a hill.

The race was a great success for all the Harriers, with lots getting PB’s whether by seconds or minutes, and for some it was about a personal achievement and a return from a long spell of injury.

Ryde Harriers are privileged to have among their members some of the top runners on the Island, who performed outstandingly against the high calibre of competitors in this race.

Joe Wade battled with another runner at the head of the race all the way, and was able to run away from him in the final miles to win the race overall. Achieving an overall win is possibly another first for Ryde Harriers in a race of this calibre.

Dave Hunt put all his hard training to the test and excelled himself yet again, coming in 13th overall.

Charlie Metcalfe and Jodie Wilmott both had an excellent race and claimed category prizes, Charlie 1st Vet 40, Jodie 3rd Vet 35.


If you are inspired by the contributions from your fellow runners below, to be part of the Ryde Harriers team in races like this. All you need to do is enter the Hampshire Road Race League races early, and the transport fairy (your Men’s Captain) will get you there.

HRRL info:


Contribution from Joe Wade

So the race for me was great, it was amazing to win but I was definitely made to work for it! I raced for the win rather than a time, after a conservative first 5k me and the Winchester ramped up the pace and I was able to break away at 4.5 miles. My fastest mile was my last in 4:47min/mile and it felt like a long sprint to the finish. It hurt, but it was definitely worth it to win my first race in a Ryde Harriers vest. A win means so much more when it’s for your home-town club, it’s been a while since I’ve been part of a supportive team like this. I hope it’s the first win of many in red.


Contribution from Charlie Metcalfe

Stubbington 10k has been on my to-do list for a while so I was delighted to finish in the top 10 ladies, 8th female. And to win a Vet 40 prize, especially having never completed in this event before. It’s a great course with a bit of everything, hills, sea front, country. I am definitely keen to come back next year and try to better my time.


Contribution from Jodie Wilmott

This being my first road race as a Ryde Harrier I was very pleased to achieve not only a PB but an age category prize. It has certainly started 2020 on a high.

The club have been very welcoming since Peter and I joined in December, and we are looking forward to continue on improving our running and being part of the Harriers team.


Contribution from Jodie Woolston

Stubbington was the first 10K I have run since June 2018 and since then have not been running consistently, due to injuries or lacking motivation. I entered for the race with all good intentions to get training the following week.  That did not happen!

Struggles with my mental health meant that I really could not focus on running or much else.  I registered for RED January, knowing that it will be good for me and my mind. January 1st came and up until that date I had only run 3-4 times, once a week if I was lucky and one of those was a ‘pub run’!

So out I went for RED January Day 1: 2 ½ miles later I returned, feeling exhausted but buzzing that I got out there, in the fresh air and cleared my head. I continued each day, attempting to up my miles in order to support my race, my maximum was 3.6 miles in the end, not as many as I would have hoped for but in 11 days, I think that is pretty good going.

Race day was nearing; I sought advice from fellow Harriers about what to eat and how long before the start time, to prepare myself. Nerves began to set in a few days prior, although initially I thought it was feelings of doubt in myself.  I had agreed with myself that I was not expecting to run all of it, I thought I would need to run/walk at least 2K and I had told myself this was ok.  Try to run as much as I can and if I have to run/walk, I can.

I actually managed to run the whole lot, a whole 10K!  To say I was proud of myself was an understatement.  A couple of the Harriers ran the last little bit with me up to just before the finish line and the rest were there along the finish line, clapping and cheering me on.  I felt amazing once I had got over the exhaustion. I am still running every day for RED January but some days are much shorter than others. I am planning to enter Netley 10K and Brading 10K in May and June, respectively. I also met a Gosport runner, who had only run 10K once before and had only ever managed 5K without walking.  Later on that day, she had found me on Facebook and sent me a message saying thank you, I had kept her going. Truth be told, she kept me going too.


Race Results

4th Ladies Team

5th Ladies Vet Team

10th Men’s Team

13th Men’s Vet Team


Joe Wade                            00:30:55 (1st Overall)

Dave Hunt                           00:34:19 (13th Overall)

Charlie Metcalfe               00:37:46 (1st Vet 40)

Trevor McAlister               00:38:29

Bryan Jones                        00:38:59

Richard Melville                 00:39:36

Harry Furmidge                 00:40:49

Nigel Eldridge                    00:41:02

Graham Gardner              00:41:55

Jodie Wilmott                    00:42:01 (3rd Vet 35)

Peter Wilmott                    00:42:02

Ken Oatley                          00:42:26

Matthew Jacobs               00:42:29

Craig Robins                       00:43:07

Rowland Silito                    00:43:57

Richard Bulmer                 00:45:20

Andy Lewis                         00:45:45

Dominique Noyce            00:46:03

Ken Beak                             00:47:15

Glenn Sharman                 00:47:40

Roger Merry                       00:48:25

Michael Dignan                 00:49:49

Sally Roberts                      00:50:10 (4th Vet 55)

Bridget Lewis                     00:50:21 (5th Vet 55)

Samantha Fancourt         00:50:41

Elaine Parry                        00:50:42

Rachel Powell                    00:51:16

Natalie Rose                       00:51:44

Rosie Eldridge                    00:52:13

Carolyn Ward                     00:53:13

Keith Ruth                           00:53:13

Lisa Robertson                  00:54:11

Diana Swyers                     00:55:01

Scott Stillwell                     00:56:19

Sian Savin                            00:56:34

Peter Jolliffe                       00:57:49 (4th Vet 70)

Rachel Reynard                 00:57:54

Graham Thompson         00:58:04

Reniera ODonnell             00:58:31

Joanne Beak                       00:59:50

Pippa Sharp                        01:00:39

Sarah Probert                    01:00:43

Michelle Martin                 01:00:43

Isabella Brougham           01:00:47

Craig White                        01:01:09

Stacey Flanagan                 01:01:52

Carole Barry                       01:02:17

John Randles                      01:03:26

Sue Green                           01:06:38

Tracey Webb                     01:06:38

Stuart Barton                     01:08:06

Louise Wilcock                   01:08:44

Beth Holloway                   01:08:45

Sarah Thompson              01:09:52

Jacqueline Dziuba            01:10:55

Juliette Chan                      01:10:56

Sue Clerkin                          01:18:47

Jodie Woolston                 01:27:49