Club night news (12.12.14)

Les Wye Valley

Headwinds are one of the things runners fear the most but it is a truism that where there’s a headwind there’s a tailwind somewhere else. This was little consolation for the hardy souls who ventured out into blustery conditions for the club’s latest Tuesday night nominated run. Being blasted in the face for the first half a mile is never the most motivating, nor is it when the wind seems to follow you around but eventually the was a certain pleasure to be had from conquering the demons and the weather.

Winner on the night for the 10km run was Simon Joy who was only two seconds slower than his stated time of 47:32. Second place went to Steve Haines and third to Andy Keehn. Fastest runners on the night were Adam Tuck and Tom Blackwell for the men and Julie King for the women.

As well as a large team of runners taking part in the county league cross country fixture we also had representatives in two other contrasting events. Cherry Shannon (1:23:21), Abi Cooke (1:28:49) and Sally Roberts (1:29:46) all competed in the Seaford Striders 10 mile Mince Pie run in Devon whist Les Cupis finished 44 mile Might Contain Nuts Ultra in the Brecon Beacons in 8hrs 38min.