Marathon News


It’s been a very marathon-orientated last couple of weeks with the 59th IW Marathon last weekend taking place in lovely sunshine plus the annual postal disappointment of the London Marathon ballot results dropping on to doorsteps. So it seems an appropriate time to be making clear the rules for our annual club draw for the London Marathon places plus I have an idea for next year’s 60th IW Marathon.

Firstly the London draw. Unfortunately London Marathon have changed their rules again which means that we only qualify for one place this year. We need to have over 99 people EA registered for another place so there’s a good reason for dragging friends along to join or poking old club members to rejoin! The draw will take place on a club night in November and to be in the hat you need to pass the following criteria:

1. You must not have won a club place in the last three years.

2. You must have already paid your subs for 2015.

3. You must have represented the club in two (or more) Hampshire league races (road or cross-country) AND one other race since last year’s draw at the end of November 2014.

4. You must have an official rejection slip from London Marathon.

If you want to be in the draw and you pass the above criteria please let one of the committee know by the draw date (TBA via Facebook page).


If marathon running interests you but London seems too daunting or hard to get in to then you may want to consider an idea I floated last week at club night. Next year sees the 60th running of our IW Marathon. This year there were only two Harriers racing as so many of us were helping but I think it would be great if we could have a much greater number in next year’s  to mark 60 races. Rather than have the pressure of racing it though, I’d like to suggest we train and then run in maybe three pace groups (for instance 7/8/9 minute mile) with the aim of everyone completing the course as a fun run (sorry Steve Lee!).

We could have two or three more experienced marathon runners being the group leaders with a training schedule for the three months prior to the race for each pace group and an organised long run every weekend. The race could be run in a big group, stopping for water/food if necessary.  This would obviously need some organising so if anyone is interested please let me know especially if you feel you could be a group leader. It would be great of we could out-do this motley crew from 35 years ago!