Larmer Tree Races 2019

17 hill loving Harriers travelled to Wiltshire on 9th March 2019 to take part in the Larmer Tree Races hosted by White Star Running (like the GHM but a bit less SAS!) A favourite with the club every year, the 5 different runs (10 miles, 8 mile night run, half marathon, 20 miles and full marathon) are more sociable than league and road races and take in the beautiful Wiltshire countryside. The expectation at Larmer is to frolic around on some pretty hills in fancy dress whilst earning an extremely sought after and exotic medal when the reality is – everyone comes back broken and knackered! Great hill and marathon training though if you come out the other side with your tutu intact!

Event veteran Captain Rosie said…
“Larmer Tree 10 miles and Dark Larmer – Elaine, Sam F and I started running the Larmer Tree races in 2016 and we fell in love with it instantly! Set in the Rushmore Estate surrounded by beautiful landscape, peacocks and parrots…although didn’t see the parrots this year. We had completed the Half, the 20 mile (21:5 miles) and the Marathon. This year we were back to tackle the 10 and the Dark. They did not disappoint! The 10 mile route takes in the best parts of Larmer, an enjoyable run with the gorgeous Sally, Tracey, Sam, Elaine, Jo and Mike , who stayed with us for about 4 miles. The Dark was awesome and the highlight for me was getting up the first hill and looking back at the valley, seeing all the head torches snake through the landscape was a sight to behold!! Awesome run highly recommended!”

For Hannah, it was her first time taking part in the races and she reports…
“Due to knee pain I had to pull out of the 20 mile Larmer race on the Sunday and swap to the Half. Keith was amazing at keeping Nat and I going. I was finding it hard on my knees from about mile 8 and towards the end he was a star at motivating us both and looping back to keep us strong up those hills. We had lots of fun and smiles running together. Nat and Keith made the run lots of fun memories. Carolyn greeted us at the end with big cheers for us all!
The race was amazingly organised, people were friendly and food was great. The course was beautiful with views that went on for miles. I was really impressed with the whole thing.
Sam worked hard at organising the weekend away, bless he, she is a star! Big thanks to Jo and Ken for driving Nat and myself around all weekend they are the loveliest room-mates ever!

Sasha adds…
“The half was really windy and the marathon was even windier! Much fun was had!”

Nat’s final comments were…
“Epic weekend! So much fun and laughter had. The Half was epic, both the hills and the views but above all the company of Hannah and Keith. I for one, would love to return,”

Results for Larmer Tree 10 miles (9th March)
Trevor McAlister 01:21:41 (5th Overall)
Graham Gardner 01:38:30
Sam Cleare 01:38:30
Ken Beak 01:40:19 (4th Vet 55)
Michael Dignan 02:00:19
Sally Roberts 02:28:48
Jo Beak 02:28:48
Tracey Dillon 02:28:48
Elaine Parry 02:28:48
Rosie Eldridge 02:28:48
Samantha Fancourt 02:28:48
Results for Larmer Tree Half Marathon (9th March)
Richard Melville 01:58:01 (22nd Overall, 6th Vet 40)
Hannah Walker 02:44:02
Keith Ruth 02:44:02
Natalie Rose 02:44:02
Sasha Levrier 02:48:59
Results for Larmer Tree Dark 8 miles (9th March)
Sam Cleare 01:31:47
Rosie Eldridge 01:31:48
Elaine Parry 01:31:49
Trevor McAlister 01:31:49
Sally Roberts 01:32:04 (1st Vet 55)
Ken Beak 01:32:08 (2nd Vet 55)
Samantha Fancourt 01:32:08
Michael Dignan 01:32:19
Richard Melville 01:32:20
Graham Gardner 01:32:20
Results for Larmer Tree 20 miles (10th March)
Carolyn Ward 04:35:05
Keith Ruth 04:35:05
Results for Larmer Tree Marathon (10th March)
Abigail Cooke 04:24:44 (6th Lady, 2nd Vet 30)
Sasha Levrier 05:52:52