IW XC Championships 2015

Fifteen ladies braved the cold, wet weather to run in the Isle of Wight Cross Country championships on 22nd February. Sarah Kavanagh led the ladies home followed by Tracey Dillon who was first in her age category.  Cheryl Frampton put in a great performance taking first position for the V55 category and Clayre Brown didn’t let the adverse weather conditions affect her performance, knocking over 40 seconds off her previous time.

Sarah Kavanagh 39:58 (1st)

Tracey Dillon 43:59 (1st V35 / 4th overall)

Mary Norman 44:33 (3rd V45 / 5th overall)

Julie King        45:54 (8th)

Elaine Parry 48:33 (10th)

Rosie Eldridge 50:32 (13th)

Katie Woods 54:48 (18th)

Philippa Daley 54:50 (19th)

Cheryl Frampton 56:21 (1st V55 / 20th overall)

Clayre Brown 1:03:25 (27th)

Kath Levrier 1:04:51 (28th)

Angela Thornton        1:08:09 (30th)

Jo Beak 1:08:11 (31st)

Joy Furmidge 1:10:55 (33rd)

Catherine Love 1:11:50 (34th)

We had another good turnout for the men too with fourteen runners in total. Adam Tuck was first Harrier home putting in another strong performance finishing only 34 seconds behind first overall position. Tom Blackwell was second Harrier home and Les Cupis claimed the first V50 prize. Pete Young took the title of first Vet 60 with Graham Maitland claiming second position in the same category.

Adam Tuck 50:31 (1st SM / 2nd overall)

Tom Blackwell 53:10 (2nd SM / 4th overall)

Les Cupis        55:06 (1st V50 / 9th overall)

Steve Goodier  56:23 (12th)

Bryan Jones 56:48 (13th)

Pete Young  59:09 (1st V60 / 19th overall)

Steve Brougham 62:55 (24th)

Graham Maitland 68:15 (2nd V60 / 35th overall)

J. Woodford 69:02 (36th)

Andy Keehn  69:22 (37th)

Ken Beak         69:31 (38th)

Andy Leal        72:13 (42nd)

Trevor McAlister 76:20 (46th)

Pete White  80:08 (47th)

Well done everyone. One more of these little beauties to go!