Hampshire Road Race League Success by Andrew McEwen


There was a successful end to the Hampshire Road Race League (HRRL) 2015-2016 season for Ryde Harriers following the D Day 10k road race.

The ladies’ A team finished top of the 3rd division. They gain promotion to the second division next season.

The men’s A team finished 7th out of 10 teams and will remain in the second division for next season.

During the season the ladies fielded teams for only 4 of the 12 races making their victory all the more remarkable. The men had it all to do with 2 races to go as they were in last place but a solid team at Netley 10k (5th place) followed by a superb turnout at D Day 10k (3rd place) turned things around for ‘the great escape ‘.

The ladies’ B team competed in 3 events and although they did well, too few events completed meant they were only 9th out of 12 teams in the B second division. The men’s B team similarly only had full teams in 2 events during the year and finished 15th out of 17 teams in the men’s B division.

In the individual leagues, Judy McCabe finished in a magnificent 10th place in the ladies’ league. The men had three individuals who completed seven or more runs and so qualified for a league placing. Andrew McEwen finished 41st and Sam Cleare was 92nd the finest whisker ahead of Trevor McAlister in 93rd. These three formed the core of the men’s team for the season.

Next year could be really fun and competitive for both the men’s and ladies’ teams. Races start in September so come along and have a go at them.

Thank you to everyone that took part in any of races in this year’s Hampshire Road Race League.