Club Night Route – Summer 5.3mile Nominated

Turn left out of the Rowing Club down the left-hand side of the canoe lake, along the Esplanade and passed the Bus station.
Continue to the Prince Consort (1mile) and then run up St. Thomas’s St. as far as Spencer Road.
Turn right into Spencer Road and run its full length, passing through the footpath at the end then down Ladies Walk that runs down the side of the golf course.
About 300m down Ladies Walk turn left (90 degrees) and take the foot path across the golf course. (2mile)
Turn left as you exit the footpath onto Brookfield Gardens, and then down the smaller lane at the staggered cross roads at the end of the road.
You come out at the mini-roundabout on Binstead Road, cross straight over with care, and down Ringwood Road.
As this turns into Binstead Lodge Road and starts to rise again after the dip, take the footpath on the left, which is tucked behind the 2nd house.
Follow this footpath for about 450m, it then crosses Hillrise Avenue, take the footpath on the other side of the road.
About 100m after crossing Hillrise Avenue, follow the footpath as it bears right and climbs, then turn left at the wooden bench, and follow the main path for another 250m.
Turn left on Play Lane (larger gravel track), going up killer hill into Playstreet Lane. (3mile)
At the end of the road cross over into Partlands Avenue, then left into Swanmore Road.
Run along Swanmore Road and turn right into Well Street run to the bottom of the hill and turn left into Quarry Road. (4mile)
At the end of Quarry Road turn right into St. Johns Road but be prepared to cross the road very carefully, so that you can turn left into Monkton St almost immediately.
Run the full length of Monkton St. and turn right into the Strand running to the Main Road at the bottom of East Hill Road. Stay on the left, follow the Main Road around crossing safely to the right when you are opposite the Canoe Lake.
Follow the Main Road and turn right onto seaward side of the canoe lake.
Run the full length of the Canoe Lake and then to the Rowing Club and the finish.