Captain’s Report – October

October has been a very busy month for both runners and race organisers, a big thank you to all those that marshalled and supported the IOW marathon.

The month started off with the Queensgate 5k and 10-mile race through the grounds of Osborn house, with those doing marathon training using it as the last training run as they taper down before the big day.

And then suddenly the big day was upon us, we had been preparing since June and now it was here.

The 60th IOW marathon was a great success with 24 Harriers running the full distance, as well as a relay team that ran and supported the water stations.

In total, there were 240 finishers, of which 102 were Islanders, the largest turnout for many years.

See Steve Lee’s race report for full details.

October also saw the start of the Hampshire cross country league at Farley Mount, a great day out supporting the younger Island runners in their races before the seniors ran in the afternoon. The weather was even nice enough to allow for sun lounging as demonstrated by Andrew…

There was a good number of Harriers at the Great South run 5k and 10 miles, with some completing that distance for the first time.

A group of us also ventured as far as South Wales to compete in the Sugarloaf fell run. The visibility wasn’t good on race day, but then some times its less daunting not to be able to see how much further you have still got to climb. The decent was quite fast pace and technical, it was amazing to catch a glimpse of the leaders coming down like gazelles. It was a great experience, and there are more trips to other fell races in the planning.

Results for Queensgate 10 miles 1st October


Stuart Backhouse             01:07:22 (2nd Overall)
Leslie Cupis                       01:09:03 (3rd Overall)
Gordon Mucklow             01:19:01
Sam Cleare                        01:20:37
Judy McCabe                    01:23:41
Richard Melville               01:26:05
Tracey Dillon                     01:27:54
Bridget Lewis                    01:29:49
Peter White                       01:29:49
Samantha Fancourt         01:31:54
Rosie Eldridge                   01:31:54
Elaine Parry                       01:31:54
Ken Beak                            01:31:54
Brian Warren                    01:35:59
Joanne Beak                      01:50:57
Laurie Woodford              01:52:21
Sue Clerkin                         02:08:49


Results for Queensgate 5km 1st October

Peter Jolliffe                       00:22:31 (1st Overall)
Kath Levrier                        00:28:59
Angela Thornton              00:29:02
Julie Kingsbury                  00:32:23

Bournemouth Supernova 5km 1st October

Kate Couch                         31:32

Brown Clee Burn 11k fell race 2nd October

Abigail Cooke                    1:03:56


IOW Marathon 9th October


BACKHOUSE, Stuart        3:04:31 (2nd Vet 45, 3rd IOW man)
MCEWEN, Andrew          3:09:23  (1st Vet 55)
CUPIS, Leslie                      3:09:57  (1st Vet 50)
BLACKWELL, Tom             3:33:12
ELDRIDGE, Nigel                03:39:47
MCCABE, Judy                   03:41:06 (1st Vet 45, 1st IOW Lady)
KING, Julie                          03:57:33 (2nd Vet 50)
NORTON, Jonathan         04:07:07
PARRY, Elaine                     04:07:04
BEAK, Ken                           04:08:58
CARR, Peter                        04:10:45
FANCOURT, Samantha   04:12:15 (2nd Vet 40)
GARDNER, Graham         04:12:31
LEWIS, Bridget                   04:15:01 (2nd Vet 55)
LEWIS, Andrew                 04:15:01
COLLETT, Karen                 04:15:02
MCALISTER, Trevor          04:20:55
ELDRIDGE, Rosie               04:29:54
WHITE, Peter                     04:30:17
WRIGHT, Mark                  04:45:33
WARREN, Brian                 04:49:03
MELVILLE, Richard            04:50:08
FRAMPTON, Cheryl         05:07:28 (3rd Vet 55)
LAWN, David                      05:07:28


Men’s Teams

1st BACKHOUSE, Stuart; MCEWEN, Andrew; CUPIS, Leslie
5th BLACKWELL, Tom; ELDRIDGE, Nigel; NORTON, Jonathan
8th BEAK, Ken; CARR, Peter; GARDNER, Graham
9th LEWIS, Andrew; MCALISTER, Trevor; WHITE, Peter
12th WRIGHT, Mark; WARREN, Brian; MELVILLE, Richard

Women’s Teams

1st MCCABE, Judy; KING, Julie; PARRY, Elaine
3rd FANCOURT, Samantha; LEWIS, Bridget; COLLETT, Karen


New Forest Stinger 5 mile 15th October

Kate Couch                         59:21 (10th Vet 40)


Farley Mount, Winchester (HXCL) 15th October

Men’s up to 10km

Tom Blackwell                   40:54
Leslie Cupis                         42:04
Pete Young                         44:03
Trevor McAlister               44:06
Andrew Keehn                  46:50
Ken Beak                             47:24

Women’s up to 6km

Sarah Blackwell                 27:05
Elaine Parry                        31:18

IOW Marathon Re-Run 22nd October

Neil McCall                          3:57:30
Trevor McAlister               4:14:11


Great South Run 5km 22nd October

Mike Case                           24:24
Kate Couch                         29:37

Great South Run 10 miles 23rd October


gratesouthrun  gratesouthrun_simon

Simon Joy                            1:16:35
Ken Beak                             1:16:39
Claire Grace                        1:17:00
Peter Carr                            1:18:05
Mark Wright                       1:28:19
Hellen Smith                      1:33:26
Mike Case                           1:33:38
Michael Cooper                1:36:05
Hayley Tutton                    1:38:04
Joanne Beak                       1:41:10
Sue Clerkin                          2:02:06


Sugarloaf Fell Run 6 miles 29th October


Tom Blackwell                   49:48 (20th Man)
Les Cupis                             51:54
Nigel Eldridge                    53:42
Trevor McAlister               55:30
Dominic Jacobs                 56:25
Sarah Blackwell                 57:31 (5th Lady)
Rosie Eldridge                    1:10:10
Philippa Daley                    1:12:46