Captain’s report October 2019

Captain’s Report – October 2019

Many apologies for the late posting of the October results entirely my fault, the time has just flown by and now we are in December and Trevor is ready with November results!!!!!

Fab running by all and well done to those Ryde Harriers that completed their very first marathon. The long training runs were worth it.

Results for Tweed Valley Tunnel 10k Trail Run 5th October

Ken Oatley 00:57:43


Results for Bournemouth 10k 5th October

Adam Tuck 00:34:46 (5th Overall)


Results for Bournemouth 5k 6th October

Kate Couch 00:43:06


Results for IOW Marathon 6th October

Leslie CUPIS 03:00:11 (4th Overall, 2nd Vet 55)

Richard MELVILLE 03:15:55 (7th Overall, 1st Vet 40)

Dave HUNT 03:26:28

Nigel ELDRIDGE 03:47:45

Sarah PEAKE 04:01:01 (7th Lady)

Rod TAYLOR 04:25:26 (2nd Vet 60)

Trevor MCALISTER 04:36:30

Natalie ROSE 04:46:24

Keith RUTH 04:46:24

Graham GARDNER 05:04:13

Bryan JONES 05:04:16

Angela LOCK 06:19:33

Results for King’s Park, Bournemouth HXCL 12th October

Justine Bacon 00:30:30 (118th)



Results for Snowdon Ultra 50m 13,000ft assent 12th October

(Travel Sponsored by Wightlink)

Sasha Levrier 22:04:19


Results for Cabbage Patch 10mile 13th October

Peter Young 01:11:46 (1st Vet 70)


Results for Royal Parks Half Marathon 13th october

Reniera O’Donnell 02:18:32


Results for Nettlestone RAT Race 13th October

Well attended by Ryde Harriers

Adam Tuck 00:30:59 (1st Overall)

Trevor McAlister 00:35:24 (2nd Overall)

Results for Great South Run 10m 20th October

(Travel Sponsored by Wightlink)

Jake Brougham 00:58:52 (100th Overall)

Charlie Metcalfe 01:01:51 (4th Vet 40, 17th Lady)

Bryan Jones 01:05:57

Ken Oatley 01:09:37

Tom Robinson 01:10:07

Craig Robins 01:13:33

Graham Gardner 01:14:42

Milly Bacon 01:16:56 (5th U19 Lady)

Sol Wood 01:23:22

Natalie Rose 01:26:21

Rachel Powell 01:28:12

Diana Swyers 01:28:25

Sian Savin 01:33:25

Rachel Reynard 01:36:38

Joanne Beak 01:39:57

Stuart Barton 01:43:21

Graham Thompson 01:46:32

Louise Wilcock 02:02:01

Beth Holloway 02:02:01

Ian Pethick 02:16:29

Matthew Sampson 02:23:39

Angela Lock 02:36:49