Captain’s Report – November 2019

Captain’s Report – November 2019

Its been a busy month post IOW Marathon with PBs galore, that marathon endurance training is now translating into speed endurance. For those that maintain a good level of training through the winter, should see even more PBs in the new year.

There was good number of Harriers at recent HRRL races Hayling 10m and Gosport Half, with the men’s team coming 4th at Gosport thanks to some of our new members.

The HXCL season is well underway, with fixtures at Winchester and Aldershot. Although our numbers at these events were lower than normal, as some of us opted for a fell race in South Wales instead.

If you are interested in cross country racing, not to worry, there is still lots of opportunity over the next 3 months. There’s the Hampshire cross country championships and league races in January, then our own cross-country races in January & February. Details on the Harriers website.


Results for Hayling 10m 3rd November

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Trevor McAlister               01:07:48

Matt Jacobs                        01:11:07

Ken Oatley                          01:11:45

Ken Beak                             01:19:11

Jo Stevenson                     01:22:13

Sally Roberts                      01:25:15

Nat Jane Rose                    01:27:52

Lisa Robertson                  01:29:09

Carole Barry                       01:35:04

Brian Warren                     01:39:06

Pippa Sharp                        01:40:59

Stephen Lee                       DNF

Results for Sparsholt College, Winchester HXCL 9th November

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Adam Tuck                          00:35:56 (76th)


Justine Bacon                     00:33:59 (117th)

Samantha Fancourt         00:34:42 (127th)

Nat Rose                              00:39:35 (174th)

Results for Winter Sugarloaf fell race 6m 1,500ft Assent 9th November

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Trevor McAlister               00:52:20 (22nd Overall)

Bryan Jones                        00:53:36 (30th Overall)

Nigel Eldridge                    00:56:05 (34th Overall)

Claire Campbell                 01:06:25 (63rd Overall)

Elaine Parry                        01:09:02 (69th Overall)

Kathleen Levrier               01:58:40 (1st Vet 60, 74th Overall)

Simon Levrier                    01:58:41 (75th Overall)


Results for Zurrieq 10k (Malta) 10th November

Sally Roberts                      00:52:45 (2nd Vet 55)

Results for Gosport Half Marathon (HRRL) 9th November

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Gary Marshall                    01:15:30 (14th Overall)

Adam Tuck                          01:16:39

Dave Hunt                           01:17:12

Trevor McAlister               01:25:34

Alex Robertson                 01:25:41

Richard Melville                 01:27:19

Peter Young                       01:32:35 (1st Vet 70)

Graham Gardner              01:37:38

Richard Bulmer                 01:42:59

Jo Stevenson                     01:47:22

Claire Angell                       01:50:39

Michael Dignan                 01:51:47

Nat Rose                              01:55:42

Caroline Dall-Whittall      02:00:54

Carole Barry                       02:01:03

Lisa Robertson                  02:01:11

Sian Savin                            02:07:28

Melanie James                  DNF


Men’s team 4th

Ladies team 19th


Results for Wellesley Woodlands, Aldershot HXCL 9th November

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Men 9.1km

Trevor McAlister               00:40:27 (150th)

Ken Oatley                          00:44:17 (206th)

Graham Gardner              00:44:37 (212th)

Ken Beak                             00:47:55 (236th)


Lady’s 5.9km

Justine Bacon                     00:31:15 (107th)


Results for Blorenge Fell Race (2.5m 1400ft Assent) 30th November

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Claire Campbell                 00:44:39 (3rd Vet40)