Captain’s Report – November 2017

November has been a busy month with the 2nd HXCL fixture, two HRRL races, and a host of other races.

Peter Young performed very well in the Leeds Abbey Dash 10km again this year, clamming 1st Vet 70, and even beat the time of the 1st vet 65.

There was a record turnout of 16 Harriers at Queen Elizabeth’s Country Park for the 2nd HXCL fixture, almost doubling the previous best turnout. This was the hilliest cross-country course, with the Men’s race going up Butser hill three times and would qualify as a fell race.

It’s great to see these numbers taking part in the HXCL, and for it to continue at the following fixture at Popham Airfield. Winter cross country races are excellent training, and you will see an improvement in your speed and endurance in the following summer’s races.

For anyone wanting to try cross-country, but looking for something where you aren’t away all day, don’t forget the Harriers run our own cross-country series in January & February, see the website for details.


Gosport half marathon was also more popular this year, with 20 Harriers attending, and many of those attaining impressive PBs on this flat course. And the weather was good this year, compared to the conditions we ran in the last couple of years. Peter Young racked up another vet 70 category win, and Paul Muffett achieved 2nd in the vet 55 category.


A smaller contingent of 8 Harriers ventured over to Hayling 10m, the 2nd HRRL race in November. This was another flat course, but there were head winds in places to contend with. Despite this there were excellent times recorded by all, with Charly Metcalf battling hard all the way to take 2nd lady.


Just a reminder that the HRRL races fill up months before the race date. Ryde 10m Eastleigh 10k & Salisbury 10m are all open for entry’s. If you want to do these races you should be looking to enter them over the Christmas holidays. What else do runners spend their Christmas money on but shoes & races anyway!

Information on social runs over Christmas & New Year coming soon.


Results for Leeds Abbey Dash 10km 5th November

Peter Young                       00:41:19 (1st Vet 70)


Results for Dark Valley 10k Moors Valley Country Park 11th November

Stuart Backhouse             01:08:41

Caroline Curliss                 01:08:41

Laurie Woodford              01:14:54


Results for Remembrance 10k Fort Nelson Porchester 11th November

Sue Clerkin                          01:16:45

Results for HXCL Queen Elizabeth’s Country Park 11th November

Men’s 5.65m 1,120ft Assent (286 runners)

Paul Muffett                      00:43:09 (113th)

Leslie Cupis                         00:43:30 (120th)

Trevor McAlister               00:46:01 (164th)

Nigel Eldridge                    00:49:00 (197th)

Richard Melville                00:50:08 (213th)

Graham Gardner              00:50:47 (218th)

Ken Beak                             00:51:44 (225th)

Mike Case                           00:59:44 (267th)


Lady’s 3.6m 525ft Assent (161 runners)

Julie King                             00:31:29 (88th)

Elaine Parry                        00:31:59 (91st)

Rosie Eldridge                    00:35:14 (122nd)

Natalie Rose                       00:36:48 (134th)

Carolyn Ward                     00:37:32 (140th)

Emma Muffett                  00:38:00 (143rd)

Kate Young                         00:40:25 (150th)

Jo Beak                                 00:41:53 (153rd)

Results for St Michael’s Mount Remembrance Run 4m 12th November

Catherine Young               00:39:27

Results for Gosport Half Marathon (HRRL) 19th November

Paul Muffett                      01:21:18 (2nd Vet 55)

Will Trowell                        01:22:33 – PB by 12:34

Eric Diamond                     01:27:44 – PB by 4:41

Trevor McAlister               01:29:39 – PB by 6:42

Peter Young                       01:29:44 (1st Vet 70)

Richard Melville                01:30:06 – PB by 6:43

Gordon Bushell                 01:32:38 – PB by 0:18

Graham Gardner              01:33:54 – PB by 7:42

Andy Lewis                         01:39:25

Elaine Parry                        01:41:02 – PB by 3:04

Ken Beak                             01:41:02 – PB by 2:43

Michael Dignan                 01:43:50

Lauren McIntyre               01:46:51

Hannah Walker                 01:54:17 – PB by 50:00

Natalie Rose                       01:56:11 – PB by 20:49

Mark Wright                       01:58:01

Stephen Lee                       01:59:03 (9th Vet 70)

Carolyn Ward                     02:03:15

Sasha Levrier                     02:02:40 – PB by 0:02

Kate Young                         02:23:45

Results for Hayling 10m (HRRL) 26th November

Charly Metcalf                   01:01:19 (2nd Lady, 1st Vet 40)

Trevor McAlister               01:06:54

Richard Melville                01:08:41

Andrew Lewis                    01:14:34

Bridget Lewis                     01:22:41

Mike Case                           01:24:17

Catherine Young               01:24:31

Rosie Eldridge                    01:25:26