Captain’s Report – May

May was quite a quiet month with regards to races only six competetive running events that were represented by Ryde Harriers. Les Cupis completed the Preseli ultra beast (32 mile & 6,000ft of ascent) well done Les! Linsey Brazier took part in the Hardway five mile a multi turrain race and she was 1st lady home. Well done Linsey! fantastic result.

Meanwhile back on home territory we had the beautiful, udulating Needles half marathon.Ryde Harriers were well represented with a few Harriers taking on the race for the first time. We took first and third mixed team position!! with fantastic individual results too.Well done all.

The results for May.

Preseli ultra Beast  (32 mile&6,00ft of ascent) 7th 0f May

Les Cupis        5:55:00 (3rd vet 50)

Alton 10mile (HRRL) 8th of May

Andrew Mcewen     01:07:45 (34th overall & 2nd vet 50)

Trevor McAlister     01:19:27


Netley 10k (HRRL)15th of May

Andrew Mcewen      38:18 (36th overall & 2nd vet 50)

Sam Cleare                41:57

Trevor McAlister      42:27

John Randles            54:38


Hardway five mile 15th of May

Linsey Brazier      48:16 (1st lady)


Rye 10miles  29th of May

Tom Blackwell    1:08:53

Sarah Blackwell  1:13:50


Needles Half 29th of May  

1st and 3rd mixed teams (2 men + 1 women per team)

Stuart Backhouse       1:30:14 (1st team) 2nd vet 40, 6th man

Leslie Cupis                1:33:47 (1st team) 1st vet 50, 9th man

Andrew Mcewen       1:33:33 (3rd team) 2nd vet 50,10th man

Bryan Jones               1:45:33 (3rd team)

Julie King                  1:51:37  (1st team) 2nd vet 45,8th women

Nigel Eldridge          1:52:14

Elaine Parry             1:53:57 (3rd team) 3rd vet 45

Trevor McAlister     1:55:24

Ken Beak                  1:56:20

Samantha Fancourt  2:00:33

Graham Gardner  2:01:12

Rosie Eldridge    2:06:00

Peter White        2:10:59

Jonathan Norton 2:11:06 ( 2nd vet 70)

Sally Roberts    2:20:20


UP and coming races for June  include –

D-day 10k  (HRRL) 5th of June

Brading 10k 26th of June