Captain’s Report – May 2021

Captain’s Report – May 2021

Races are getting back underway; with Harriers competing in races on the Island and on the mainland.


Results for Real Races 5km, Prestwold, 2nd May

Callum Gillett                     00:15:37


Results for British Milers Club Grand Prix – Trafford 5,000m, 8th May

Henry Mcluckie (2nd claim) 00:14:06.7 (9th overall)


Results for Reunion 5k, 15th May

Adam Tuck                          00:16:33


Results for North Devon Coast Challenge, 78.6 miles 15,500ft assent, 14th – 16th May

Sasha Levrier                     21:23:00 Total time (4th Lady overall)

Last weekend saw a welcome return to racing for me, even if I was just using it as a ‘practice run’ to test gear out etc ….2nd time for me doing this run. 3 Marathons over 3 days along the North Devon Coastline. So many spectacular views, it takes the mind away from the hurt your in. Lol. … glorious British summer weather, which meant rain all weekend so was like winter basically.

But that’s what trail running’s about for me… pot luck on the day as far as weather goes so be prepared for anything!! Managed to knock a whopping 3 and half hours of my previous time, with an hour and half of that being on the final day which is certainly the gnarliest. Which happens to be my personal favourite, of long climbs, steep descents and technical trail…. Oh, and a path that had turned into a river for about a mile.

Great day in the office for me.

Next stop….. Brecon’s..

By Sasha Levrier


Results for Queen Elizabeth Half Marathon, 23rd May

Elain Parry                           02:34:14

Samantha Fancourt         02:34:15

Ken Beak                             02:35:36

Brian Warren                     02:35:45


Results for Kempton Park Marathon, 30th May

Holly Newton                    03:24:13 (10th Lady)

Last minute course change from Richmond, to 8 laps around Kempton racecourse.

10th female, 3rd age cat. Definitely not the time I wanted although sub 3:25, absolutely flew round the first half but come mile 19 I couldn’t seem to push through tiredness like I usually can. Body wasn’t having it. It was hot and perhaps didn’t fuel correctly but these are a few things to think about and learn from when I have finished sulking.

Only my 3rd ever marathon and I know I’m fit enough with the time and miles I put into training. So, roll on London Mazza in October.

Thanks, Mumma for shouting louder than anyone else there every lap

By Holly Newton


Results for Duver Dash 5km, 30th May

Represented By Ryde Harriers

(Awaiting results)


Results for Renaissance 10km, 30th May

Adam Tuck                          00:34:09