Captain’s Report – May 2019

There has been lots of long races going on in May. Starting off with the IOW challenge close to home, 10km & Half Marathon over the water in Southampton, and as fare away as Belfast Marathon.

Some may think that these Harriers that have clocked up epic mileage in May would be looking forward to some well-deserved rest, but really, we know they are just gearing up for their next big challenge.


Results for Isle of Wight Challenge 5th May

Full 66 miles

Adam Tuck                          12:35:12 (10th Overall)


Half (day 1) 32.6 miles

Sasha Levrier                     06:50:34

Kate Young                         09:21:13

Kath Levrier                        11:33:32

Simon Levrier                    11:33:36


Results for Southampton Half Marathon 5th May

Eric Diamond                     01:36:27

Jo Stevenson                     01:48:38

Roger Merry                       01:51:01

Rachel Powell                    02:02:06

Bob Somers                        02:09:20 (4th Vet70)


Results for Southampton 10km 5th May

Ciarran Gibson                  00:43:18

Claire Grace                        00:44:33 (4th SW)

Dave Slack                           00:45:22

Peter Jolliffe                       00:51:30 (1st Vet70)

Sue Clerkin                          01:19:23 (2nd Vet70)


Results for Belfast Marathon 5th May

Sally Roberts                      04:23:00


Results for Alton 10m 12th May

(Travel Sponsored by Wightlink)

Trevor McAlister               01:09:05

Nat Rose                              01:28:51

Brian Warren                     01:33:26

Jo Beak                                 01:47:38

Sarah Probert                    01:54:52

Ken Beak                             01:54:53


Results for Utrecht 10km 12th May (with detour 15km)

Reniera O’Donnell            01:33:00


Results for WSR Ox Weekend 11th & 12th May

(Travel Sponsored by Wightlink)

Richard Melville

Ox Dark 10km                    01:19:04

Ox 50m                                 09:18:00 (2nd Vet40, 7th Overall)

Ox Light 10km                    00:59:06 (14th Overall)

Ox Half                                  02:48:10

Ox Epic Challenge            2nd Overall


Results for Snowdonia Ultra Trail 50m (16,935ft assent) 11th & 12th May

(Travel Sponsored by Wightlink)

Sasha Levrier                     25:57:41


Results for Netley 10km 19th May

(Travel Sponsored by Wightlink)

Trevor McAlister               00:41:07

Brian Warren                     00:55:14

Steve Lee                            00:55:47

John Randles                      00:58:58


Results for Bognor Prom 10km 19th May

Sue Clerkin                          01:17:04 (5th Vet70)


Results for Newchurch 9km XC 19th May

Attended by Ryde Harriers


Results for Dragons Back Race 5-day event 20-21th May

Les Cupis

Day1 (32miles, 11,325ft Assent) 12:29:39

Day2 (36miles, 10,879ft Assent) 13:36:35

(Retired after day 2 due to injury)


Results for Edinburgh Half 26th May

Jake Brougham                 01:18:35

Steve Brougham               01:40:16


Results for Y Garn Fell Race (2.5m, 1,345ft assent) 28th May

(Travel Sponsored by Wightlink)

Nigel Eldridge                    00:39:42

Rosie Eldridge                    00:54:00