Captain’s Report – May 2018

Another month of excellent performances of speed and endurance, with Richard, Simon, Sasha & Matthew taking on the IOW Challenge Ultra.

Peter Young beating the rest of his age category yet again at the 10km international masters, and Adam Tuck achieving sub 3 hours for Liverpool marathon.

Strong teams took part in both the Alton 10m and Netley 10km. With just two more races left to go in the HRRL the Ladies team is 1st in division 3, and the Men’s team 5th in division 2.


Results for Brecon Beacons Half Marathon Trail Challenge 16 miles 5th May

Laurie Woodford              03:36:56


Results for IOW Challenge Ultra 66m 5th & 6th May

(Full 66m)

Richard Melville                16:52:07 (41st Overall)

Simon Levrier                    29:31:51 (358th Overall)

(Full 2 days 66m)

Sasha Levrier                     15:26:27 (8th Overall, 4th Women)

(First Half 32m)

Matthew Sampson          08:58:56 (43rd Overall)



Results for Simplyhealth Great Birmingham (International Masters) 10k 6th May

Peter Young                       00:42:13 (1st Vet 70)


Results for Devon Coast Challenge 78 miles 11th – 13th May

Sasha Levier                       24:58:07


Results for Alton 10m 13th May

Les Cupis                             01:05:47 (4th Vet 50)

Trevor McAlister               01:13:23

Sam Cleare                         01:16:01

Julie King                             01:16:44

Nat Rose                              01:30:36

Brian Warren                     01:30:36

Rosie Eldridge                    01:33:08

Carolyn Ward                     01:44:00


Results for Netley 10km 20th May

Jake Brougham                 00:36:42

Trevor McAlister               00:44:53

Julie King                             00:45:09 (3rd Vet 50)

Ken Beak                             00:45:13

Tracy Dillon                         00:46:00

Elaine Parry                        00:47:01

Peter Jolliffe                       00:50:01 (2nd Vet 70)

Sally Roberts                      00:50:09

Rosie Eldridge                    00:54:34

Steve Lee                            00:54:44 (3rd Vet 75)

Carolyn Ward                     01:00:35

Sarah Probert                    DNF (due to lap counting error)



Results for Bognor 10km 20th May

Sue Clerkin                          01:19:08 (5th Vet 70)



Results for Liverpool Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon 20th May

Adam Tuck                          02:58:42



Results for London to Brighton Challenge 62m 27th May

Angela Lock                        28:07:45


Results for Dorchester Marathon 27th May

Sasha Levier                       05:01:21