Captain’s Report – June 2017

June has been a busy month filled with some fantastic races.

The month was started off with the festival of running, where the popular Needles half was joined by the 5k & 10k on the Saturday, and the Needles marathon on the Sunday. There were some excellent times recorded for these races, on what is changeling terrain.

The same weekend also saw the inaugural SpyVelo Long Weekend which was a half Iron-man event, harriers entered a team against some very tough competition of experienced triathletes.

On 25th of June the club hosted the Braiding 10k race which was well attended, including by a record turnout of 44 harriers compared to 29 in 2016. The harriers also performed very well calming 14 category prizes.


Hampshire Road Race League 2016/17 Season roundup

June also saw Andrew McEwen compete in the last of the HRRL races, unfortunately this race clashed with the Braiding 10k so we were not able to field complete teams.

The men’s team had a good season, fielding strong and complete teams for most races and held onto 7th position in the second division, and will remain in the second division next season.

The ladies team didn’t fare so well this year, despite good performances at Ryde 10 mile and Gosport half marathon, not being able to field complete teams for a lot of the over races meant they finished 9th in division 2 and will be demoted back down to division 3 again next Season.

The only runners to get individual rankings having competed in 7 or more races were:

Andrew McEwen 35th

Trevor McAlister 94th

Sam Cleare 102nd

Thank you to everyone that took part in any of races in this year’s Hampshire Road Race League.


Below are the 12 races that will make up the 2017/18 Hampshire Road Race League Season.

This year we would like to encourage more members to take part in the HRRL races, particularly the ladies, so we can field greater numbers of runners in out teams. This should also reduce the pressure on individuals to run lots of races to make up the team numbers, as some of the races are quite close together.

You don’t have to be fast to be part of the club team, all runners contribute to the club’s team ranking in the league, whether you just run one race or several of them. There are also individual rankings within the league for those that do 7 of more races.

Because most of the league races are on the mainland the club will reimburse reasonable travel cost after the first £10 for any Hampshire Road Race League or Hampshire Cross Country League race. We usually arrange group transport to make things easier as well.

Please remember these are all popular races and nearly always fill up weeks before the race. If you want to enter any of these races we recommend doing so at least 6 weeks in advance of the race. We will try and let you know via facebook as races start to fill up.

More details on the Hampshire Road Race League and Hampshire Cross Country League to follow.

Sun 03 Sep 2017 Overton 5mile

Sun 24 Sep 2017 Solent half marathon

Sun 19 Nov 2017 Gosport half marathon

Sun 26 Nov 2017 Hayling 10miles

Sun 03 Dec 2017 Victory 5miles

Sun 14 Jan 2018 Stubbington 10K

Sun 04 Feb 2018 Ryde 10miles

Sun 18 Mar 2018 Eastleigh 10K

Sun TBC Apr 2018 Salisbury 10miles

Sun 06 May 2018 Alton 10miles

Sun 20 May 2018 Netley 10K

Sun 24 Jun 2018 Lordshill 10K


Results for Needles 5k 3rd June

Stuart Backhouse             00:18:18 (1st Overall)

Peter Jolliffe                       00:24:04 (1st Vet 70, 7th Overall)


Results for Needles 10k 3rd June

Stuart Backhouse             00:39:55 (2nd Overall, 1st Vet 45)

Rowdie Loughlin               00:44.05

Mike Case                           00:53:52 (2nd Vet 40)

Lauren McIntyre               00:55:49 (3rd Senior Lady)

Pippa Sharp                        01:05:33

Simon Levrier                    01:07:55 (3rd Vet 60)

Kath Levrier                        01:10:15 (2nd Vet 60)

Kate Couch                         01:11:53

Angela Thornton              01:12:39 (3rd Vet 45)


Results for Needles Half Marathon 4th June

Paul Muffett                      01:32:23 (1st Vet 50, 7th Overall)

Cole Pearce                        01:33:44 (8th Overall)

Nigel Eldridge                    01:36:53

Les Cupis                             01:39:07

Trevor McAlister               01:41:01

Gordon Bushell                 01:42:43

Graham Gardner              01:49:11

Simon Joy                            01:51:54

Elaine Parry                        01:52:37 (1st IOW Lady, 2nd Vet 45)

Tom Hill                                02:00:02

Mike Dignan                       02:01:03

Sam Cleare                         02:03:49

Abigail Cooke                    02:05:36

Sally Roberts                      02:11:17

Rosie Eldridge                    02:12:55

Jonathon Norton              (No official time)

Catherine Young               02:17:18

Steve Lee                            02:21:59 (2nd Vet 70)

Nat Jane Rose                    02:43:23

Hannah Walker                 02:44:14

Simon Levrier                    02:51:12


Results for Needles Marathon 4th June

Stuart Backhouse             03:29:30 (1st Overall)

Richard Melville                04:09:13 (3rd Senior Man, 9th Overall)

Ken Beak                             04:27:50 (20th Overall)

Sasha Levrier                     05:29:15 (1st Senior Lady)


Results for SpyVelo Long Weekend Solo 2nd – 4th June

Cherry Shannon                                06:16:34 (1st Lady overall)

Results for SpyVelo Long Weekend Team 2nd – 4th June

‘RH Tri-Stars’ Team Total               06:14:55 (4th Team)

Trevor McAlister (1.9km Swim)  00:50:49

Les Cupis (99km Cycle)                   03:20:12

Sam Cleare (Needles Half)            02:03:54


Results for D-Day 10k 4th June

Peter Young                       00:40:38 (1st Vet 65)

Brian Warren                     00:45:55


Results for Worthing 10k 4th June

Sue Clerkin                          01:17:14


Results for Man vs Horse 23m 10th June

Abigail Cooke                    04:52:43


Results for Osborne House 5k fun run 17th June

Carolyn Ward

Catherine Young

Kate Young

Nat Jane Rose


Results for Round the Island Relay 17th June

Ryde Harriers Team         12:10:00


Results for Braiding 10k 25th June

Cole PEARCE                      00:36:27 (2nd Overall)

Jake BROUGHAM             00:37:17

Stuart BACKHOUSE         00:37:33 (1st Vet 45)

Paul MUFFETT                   00:39:13 (1st Vet 55)

Nigel ELDRIDGE                00:40:14 (2nd Vet 40)

Gordon BUSHELL             00:41:03

Richard MELVILLE           00:41:31

Trevor MCALISTER          00:42:10

Harry FURMIDGE            00:43:13 (3rd Junior Man)

Steve BROUGHAM         00:43:54

Graham GARDNER         00:43:54 (3rd Vet 40)

Rob WILKINSON              00:46:37

Tom HILL                             00:46:47 (1st Vet 60)

Graham MAITLAND       00:47:25 (1st Vet 65)

Brian WARREN                 00:48:11

Peter JOLLIFFE                  00:49:15 (1st Vet 70)

Roger MERRY                    00:49:35 (2nd Vet 65)

David LAWN                      00:49:46

Peter WHITE                      00:50:22

Mark WRIGHT                  00:52:41

Rosie ELDRIDGE               00:53:06

Mike CASE                         00:53:30

Scott STILLWELL               00:53:57

Rachel POWELL                00:54:36 (2nd Vet 40)

Bob SOMERS                     00:54:38 (2nd Vet 70)

Isabella GRACE                 00:55:51

Stephen LEE                      00:55:55 (1st Vet 75)

Carolyn WARD                  00:57:31

Natalie ROSE                     00:58:08

Matthew SAMPSON      00:58:19

Simon LEVRIER                 00:59:13

Emma MUFFETT              00:59:22

Pippa SHARP                     01:00:27

Craig WHITE                      01:00:45

Darren KINGSBURY        01:04:16

Louise WILCOCK              01:04:41

Kath LEVRIER                    01:05:17

Kate COUCH                      01:07:25

Julie KINGSBURY             01:10:12

Angela THORNTON        01:10:45

Ana PARKMAN                01:13:55

Beth HOLLOWAY             01:14:46 (3rd Vet 55)

Bridget LEWIS                   01:15:36

Jodie WOOLSTON           01:17:27

Results for Lordshill 10k 25th June

Andrew McEwen             00:38:34


Results for Island Games Half Marathon 30th June

Charlie Metcalf                 01:20:58 (4th Lady)