Captain’s report -July

Well done to all harriers that have competed this month, we have had a variety of different types of races that have taken place this month. Fell racing in the welsh mountains , ultra running, off road half marathons, 10k runs and hilly road races!! Great running people with some fantastic results.

Pen y fan 3.5miles (1,930ft ascent) 9th July

Tom Blackwell   00:46:23

Leslie Cupis        00:46:47 (3rd vet 50)

Nigel Eldridge    00:54:22

Andrew Keehn   01:01:40

Andrew Leal     01:02:17

Sarah Blackwell  01:16:20

Elaine Parry       01:16:20

Rosie Eldridge   01:16:20


Fan y Big Horseshoe race 10.3miles (2,200ft ascent) 10th July

Leslie Cupis      01:35:59

Tom Blackwell  01:44:41

Nigel Eldridge   01:49:57

Sarah Blackwell  02:20:31

Elaine Parry     02:20:31

Rosie Eldridge 02:20:31

Andrew Keehn 02:25 :28



Dorset Invader Half marathon 16th july 

Abigail Cooke 2:00:47 (2nd SF)


Newham 10k 17th July

Hayley Tutton 1:08:18


Bath 10k 24th July

Hayley Tutton 1:10:49


Newry & Mourne 10k 24th July

Sue Clerkin  1:19:05 ( first 10k race)


St George’s 10 mile 24th July

Leslie Cupis  1:07:29 (3rd overall, 2nd IOW man)

Peter Young  1:11:58

Charlie Metcalfe 1:13:57 (2nd Lady)

Nigel Eldridge   1:15:41

Tom Blackwell  1:16:21

Andy Lewis      1:19:03

Julie King        1:21 :23

Trevor McAlister  1:23:36

David Lawn           1:24:09

Graham Gardner  1:24 :36

Peter White          1:26:21

Ken Beak           1:30:10

Samantha Fancourt  1:30:49

Rosie Eldridge         1:32:30

Sally Roberts          1:32:38

Richard Melville    1:34:00

Phillipa Daley        1:36:49

Mark Wright         1:36:58

Bridget Lewis       1:37:08

Cheryl Frampton  1:39:42

Brian Warren      1:40:00

Laurie woodford 2:01:24



Lakeland 100 miles 29th-30th July

Leslie Cupis 22:17:37 (44th Overall)

(28:18:07 Elapsed Time, 1hr:30 faster than 2015)


Dash and Splash 5k 31st July ( approximate times)

Trevor McAlister 22:51

Nigel Eldridge -unkown

Paul Charlton Smith- unkown