Captain’s Report – July 2021

Captain’s Report – July 2021

July has seen a return to some sort of normality, with Harriers attending a good number of races, with the majority in the latter end of the month seeing Covid restrictions lifted.

Congratulation to Henry McLuckie for achieving Bronze in the European U20 Championships 1,500m.


Results for Goodwood Half Marathon, 5th July

Holly Newton                                    01:28:58 (2nd Lady)

Results for Finsbury Park 1mile, 3th July

Callum Gillett                                     00:04:30.8


Results for Fan y Big Fell Run, 10mile 2,200ft Assent, 3rd July

Trevor McAlister                               01:41:59

Les Cupis                                             01:44:31

Nigel Eldridge                                    01:46:09

Ken Beak                                             01:58:17

Elaine Parry                                        02:09:39

Sam Fancourt                                    02:13:17

Rosie Eldridge                                    02:32:31

Andy Keehn                                       02:47:14

Hayley Tutton                                    02:55:19

Results for Pen y Fan Fell Run, 3.7mile 1,900ft Assent, 4th July

Les Cupis                                             00:52:17

Trevor McAlister                               00:56:30

Nigel Eldridge                                    00:57:40

Ken Beak                                              01:02:11

Rosie Eldridge                                    01:15:50

Sam Fancourt                                    01:15:53

Elaine Parry                                        01:17:05

Andy Keehn                                       01:25:09

1st Lady’s team

Results for Walthamstow 10,000m, 9th July

Callum Gillett                                     00:34:08


Results for IOW Challenge – Full, 10th July

Richard Brownrigg                           12:08:00 (6th Overall)


Results for IOW Challenge – Half, 10th July

Jo Stevenson                                     06:18:00 (5th Overall, 2nd Lady)

Simon Levier                                      11:16:34

Results for European U20 Championships, 1,500m (Heat 1), 15th July

Henry McLuckie (2nd claim)           00:03:50.89


Results for European U20 Championships, 1,500m (Final), 17th July

Henry McLuckie (2nd claim)           00:03:47.15 (Bronze)


Results for British Masters Half Marathon Championships, 18th July

Adam Tuck                                          01:19:24 (10th Overall)

Peter Young                                       01:39:36 (Vet70 – Silver)


Results Mile Extravaganza, 1 mile, 28th July

Callum Gillett                                     00:04:29.30