Captain’s Report – July 2019

July has been a busy month, with two big Island races Brading 10km & St Georges 10m, both with good performances by Harriers.

This month has also seen Harriers attend international & national events, the first being the Island games in Gibraltar where Charlie won gold, and the ladies team won silver. Shortly after returning from the Island games, Laura Brackley then had a good race at the Asics London 10k.

Harriers have also been reaching new heights in Wales & beyond, with trail & fell races with ridiculous amounts of assent. These include the Pen y Fan Fell races, Snowdonia Trail races, Lakeland Ultra and the Andorra Ultra Trail race.


Results for La Corrida Toulouse 10km 5th July

Beth Holloway                   01:22:00


Results for Race for Life 5km 7th July

Stacey Flanagan                00:34:29

Sandy Norris                       00:34:29

Sue Green                           00:34:29



Results for New Forest 10m 7th July

Diana Swyers                     01:34:56


Results for Unicorn 12hour Frolic 7th July

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Sasha Levrier                     10 laps, 53.9m (2nd Overall & 2nd Lady)

Tom Brading                       3 laps, 16m



Results for Brading 10km 7th July

Jake BROUGHAM             00:34:59 (2nd Overall)

Dave HUNT                         00:35:36 (4th Overall)

Joe EVANS-MURRAY      00:36:34

Trevor MCALISTER          00:39:25

Leslie CUPIS                      00:39:40 (2nd Vet 50)

Richard MELVILLE           00:39:44

Harry FURMIDGE            00:42:02 (3rd Junior)

Nigel ELDRIDGE                00:42:09

Sean FURMIDGE              00:43:50

Dave SLACK                       00:44:18

Peter YOUNG                   00:44:43 (1st Vet 70)

Claire GRACE                    00:45:21 (3rd Lady)

Andrew HEDGECOX       00:46:24

Andrew LEWIS                  00:46:32

Gordon BUSHELL             00:46:59

Ken BEAK                            00:47:06

Tracey DILLON                  00:48:26 (1st Vet 45)

Roger MERRY                    00:49:20

Lance SMITHSON            00:50:15

Samantha FANCOURT   00:50:16

Hannah WALKER             00:50:38

Bridget LEWIS                   00:50:56 (1st Vet 55)

Rachel POWELL                00:51:17

Mark WOOD                     00:51:52

Peter WHITE                      00:52:36

Daisy FURMIDGE             00:52:50

Nick HERBERT                   00:53:03

Rosie ELDRIDGE               00:53:19

Lindsey STAPELEY            00:53:24 (2nd Vet 55)

Linda SPENCER                 00:54:27

Robert SOMERS               00:54:37 (2nd Vet 70)

Keith RUTH                        00:55:32

Sian SAVIN                        00:55:41

Lisa ROBERTSON             00:56:01 (3rd Vet 45)

Melanie JAMES                 00:56:34

Dominique CARVER        00:57:10

Stephen LEE                      00:58:18 (3rd Vet 70)

Scott STILLWELL               00:58:26

Louise CARVER                 00:58:38

Carolyn WARD                  01:02:08

Sarah PROBERT                 01:05:11

Graham GARDNER         01:05:12

Darren KINGSBURY        01:06:01

Angela THORNTON        01:06:19

Louise WILCOCK              01:07:00

Gabbie GINN                    01:11:07


Results for Island Games Half Marathon (Gibraltar) 12th July


Charlie Metcalfe               01:24:15 (Gold, 1st Lady)

Laura Brackley                   01:25:22 (4th Lady)

Rosie Sexton                      01:31:04 (13th Lady) [Representing IOW]

Ladies Team                       Silver (Charlie, Laura, Rosie)


Paul Cooke                         01:18:37 (19th Man)

Results for Beat the Tide 10k Worthing 14th July

Sue Clerkin                          01:22:43


Results for Fan y big Fell Run (10m 2,200 ft assent, BM) 13th July

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Leslie Cupis                         01:27:49 (2nd Vet 50, 12th Overall)

Ken Beak                             01:48:14

Elaine Parry                        01:54:40

Samantha Fancourt         02:06:57

Rosie Eldridge                    02:11:10


Results for Pen y Fan Fell Run (3.5m 1,930 ft assent, AS) 14th July

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Leslie Cupis                         00:46:12

Ken Beak                             00:57:37

Elaine Parry                        01:04:39

Rosie Eldridge                    01:11:38

Samantha Fancourt         01:17:06

Results for Snowdonia Trail 10km 14th July

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(1,325ft assent, 248 finishers)

Claire Campbell                 01:04:28 (8th Lady, 53rd Overall)

Kath Levrier                        01:38:32 (209th Overall)

For context 1st Lady 00:54:03, 10th Lady 01:06:01


Results for Snowdonia Trail Half Marathon 14th July

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(3,779ft assent, 710 finishers)

Trevor McAlister               02:24:55 (44th Overall)

Nigel Eldridge                    02:33:41 (79th Overall)

Graham Gardner              02:56:10 (212th Overall)

Keith Ruth                           03:23:06 (421st Overall)

For context 1st Man 01:51:19, 10th Man 02:09:19


Results for Snowdonia Trail Marathon 14th July

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(5,528ft assent, 643 finishers)

Richard Melville                05:39:13 (116th Overall)

Bryan Jones                        06:19:41 (284th Overall)

Simon Levrier                    09:22:59 (638th Overall)

For context 1st Man 03:18:10, 10th Man 03:36:56


Results for Andorra Ultra Trail 51m (16,400 ft assent) 16th July

Sasha Levrier                     DNF – due to cut off time (42m in 18hours)


Results for Asics London 10k 21th July

Laura Brackley                   00:38:29 (1st Vet35, 12th Woman)


Results for Lakeside 5k (Race 4) 24th July

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Adam Tuck                          00:17:11 (8th Overall, 4th SM)

Peter Young                       0021:43 (1st Vet 70)


Results for Lakeland 50m Ultra 27th July

Les Cupis                             10:41:02


Results for MK 5,000m PB Special Track race (Milton Keynes) 28th July

Jake Brougham                 00:16:38


Results for St George’s 10m 28th July

Dave Hunt                           01:01:24 (3rd Overall)

Adam Tuck                          01:02:21 (5th Overall)

Laura Brackley                   01:07:16 (1st lady, 1st Vet 35)

Trevor McAlister               01:09:45

Bryan Jones                        01:11:39

Peter Young                       01:15:52 (1st Vet 70)

Ken Oatley                          01:20:01

Graham Gardner              01:20:17

Rod Taylor                           01:22:10

Ken Beak                             01:22:32

Andrew Hedgecox           01:22:58

Cliff Morley                        01:22:58

Martin Goodall                  01:23:29

Roger Merry                       01:26:50

Samantha Fancourt         01:31:49

Natalie Rose                       01:32:32

Keith Ruth                           01:32:50

Michael Dignan                 01:35:35

Carole Barry                       01:38:03

Simon Levrier                    01:51:27

Michelle Martin                02:04:57

Sarah Probert                    02:04:58


1st Men’s Team (Dave Hunt, Adam Tuck, Trevor McAlister)

2nd Ladies Team (Laura Brackley, Natalie Rose, Samantha Fancourt)

Results for Dash & Splash 28th July

Attended by Ryde Harriers