Captain’s Report – January 2018

January has been a rather busy and very muddy month. It started off with the Hampshire cross country championships and the league fixture at Prospect park, in which Les Cupis performed very well and came home with 1st Vet 55. We managed to field full teams for both events, but our numbers weren’t as high as the first couple of fixtures, hopefully we can get a good number out for the final fixture at Aldershot on the 10th of February.

Remember the day only costs you £10, no pre-entry required you just need to turn up and run.


Stubbington 10km was very popular again this year with 23 Harriers competing, only just retaining its crown of the Harrier’s most popular mainland race, as it was closely matched this year by Victory 5m at 22 and Gosport Half at 20. And with our large turnout at Stubbington there was also a large number of PB’s and a number of runners high up in the rankings of their age categories, with Peter Young clamming 1st Vet 70.


And then came the real mud, in the form of the first of the Harriers cross country series, which has maintained the Harriers tradition of running proper cross-country courses. Apply described as a ‘mudfest’, this year’s new course out towards Nunwell House has already gained popularity compared to previous courses, with its interesting new feature ‘Screaming Woman Wood’ and some of the old favours like ‘hard slog around the orchard’ and ‘gate with a puddle’. As the end of February approaches, and the next two races in the series, we will expect Steve to be ordering up some more rain to keep the going under foot most deferentially in the ‘soft’ category.


Results for HXC Championships Fairthorne Manor 6th January

Men’s 6.92m

Les Cupis                             00:49:15 (1st Vet 55)

Paul Muffett                      00:51:48

Trevor McAlister               00:53:43

Graham Gardner              00:56:09

Nigel Eldridge                    00:57:40

Ken Beak                             00:59:37



Lady’s 5.2m

Elaine Parry                        00:45:03

Julie King                             00:45:16

Samantha Fancourt         00:45:46

Rosie Eldridge                    00:49:23


Results for HXCL Prospect Park, Reading 13th January


Les Cupis                             00:38:30

Trevor McAlister               00:41:23

Rodney Parker                  00:42:09

Graham Gardner              00:43:43

Nigel Eldridge                    00:44:01

Ken Beak                             00:46:16



Elaine Parry                        00:26:10

Julie King                             00:26:12

Rosie Eldridge                    00:28:55

Joanne Beak                       00:33:50



Results for Dark Moors 10m 14th January

Sasha Levrier                     01:41:41

Simon Levrier                    01:45:42


Results for Stubbington 10km (HRRL) 14th January

Stuart Backhouse             00:37:03 (5th Vet 45)

Andrew McEwen              00:38:54 (6th Vet 55)

Trevor McAlister               00:39:33

Paul Muffett                      00:39:42

Richard Melville                 00:40:15

Peter Young                       00:41:00 (1st Vet 70)

Graham Gardner              00:42:14

Andy Lewis                         00:44:53

Ken Beak                             00:46:20

Peter Jolliffe                       00:49:45 (6th Vet 70)

Bridget Lewis                     00:49:53 (5th Vet 55)

Catherine Young               00:50:38

Mike Case                           00:50:37

Rosie Eldridge                    00:51:20

Peter White                        00:51:30

Brian Warren                     00:52:51

Carolyn Ward                     00:53:57

Mark Wright                       00:55:02

JOHN RANDLES                 00:55:51

Caroline Curliss                 00:57:54

HAYLEY TUTTON               01:00:30

Beth Holloway                   01:13:41

Jodie Woolston                 01:16:49


Results for Ryde Harriers XC Championship 21st January

Well attended by 40 harriers and 51 guests.


Results for Romsey 5m 28th January

Sue Clerkin                          01:00:54


Results for Wight Tri – Strawberry Pain Duathlon 28th January

(5km Off road run/21km Road Cycle/5km Off road run)

Trevor McAlister               01:49:31 (0:05:30 slower than nominated, 9th)