Captain’s Report For December


This is the first in a (hopefully) ongoing series of monthly updates on our club race results and performances that myself and Pete Still will be posting as part of our roles as club captains. These results are handed in at club committee meetings but never get seen anyone unless they go looking for the minutes so we though they’d be better on here where we can all see them! We will be cover official races but will also mention other running happenings along with noteworthy performances and such like. It’s my turn first…here you go!

Hampshire XC league, King’s Park, Bournemouth (Match 3) 5th December 2015.

Tom Blackwell                          39:32

Andrew Keehn                         40:30

Trevor McAllister                    43:30


Sarah Kavanagh                      24:31

Julie King                                 26:48

Charlotte Pacy                         28:07

Rosie Eldridge                         28:42

Elaine Parry                            28:58

Abigail Cooke                          29:48


Victory 5 mile, Portsmouth, HRRL 6th December 2015

Tom Blackwell                        31:19

Sam Cleare                              33:43

Andrew Lewis                         34:51

Trevor McAlister                    35:15

Steve Lee                                  44:17


The Chilly Hill 10 miler, West Wight 11th December 2015

Several Harriers took part in this local run. A special mention goes to Julie King who came home in 1:21:28 (1st place overall / 1st V50) and Elaine Parry who ran in a time of 1:27:56. (2nd place / 1st V45)
The Abominable Snowman, Chillerton Farm 29th December 2015

There was a good turn-out of Harriers who tackled this gruelling course. Julie King completed the course in a time of 1:06:48 to come 2nd overall / 1st Vet. Tracey Dillon finished in 1:07:37 (3rd overall /2nd Vet) Mandy Womack had a time of 1:09:55 (3rd Vet)

December has been an active month with lots of races taking place and lots of Harrier representation despite the wet weather and excesses of Christmas. Elaine Parry has showed excellent form throughout the month as has Kath Levrier who has been consistently shaving time off her club night runs.