Captains Report for December 2017

Captain’s Report – December

December saw us tackle some wet, chilly, hilly,…crazy runs over the festive season. The Chilly Hilly certainly lived up to its name this year as conditions were very stormy. The wind was gusting at 80mph with freezing cold rain driving right into our eyeballs. Suffice to say we all thoroughly enjoyed it. The Abominable Snowman was back with not one, not two but three water courses for us to navigate through.Tracey Dillon was up to her neck in it!! The eliminator as it has been lovingly named (it’s the last hill before the finish…mahoosive it is), never fails to amuse us. 2016 saw the addition of the 10 mile distance, as previously it was just a 10k run, which has always been a very tough 10k!! This year I  took on the 10 miler. A great course, really enjoyed it and will most definitely be back to try my luck again in 2018.

Les Cupis smashed it at the Brecon mountain marathon and was third overall!! Well done Leslie xx

We also had a motley crew of us, that took part in the Popham Hampshire league cross country race. A great day out was had by all, I highly recommend these races  it is such a fab day and deff makes you stronger, especially fun if you are a lover of the mud.

Despite the fact that many of us were battling through coughs, colds, shivers and flu, we were still able to put together teams to represent us at different running events. Well done to all that managed to get out there and race.

Results for Brecon Mountain Marathon 2nd December

Les Cupis 03:58:18 (3rd Overall)


Results for HXCL Popham Airfield 2nd December

Men’s 5.82m

Ben McEwen 00:36:45

Andrew McEwen 00:38:31

Trevor McAlister 00:38:40

Nigel Eldridge 00:41:20

Gordon Bushell 00:41:26

Graham Gardner 00:43:00

Ken Beak 00:43:52

Mike Case 00:49:41

Lady’s 3.6m

Julie King 00:26:59

Elaine Parry 00:27:34

Rosie Eldridge 00:29:24

Natalie Rose 00:31:18

Results for Victory 5m (HRRL) 3rd December

Jake Brougham 00:29:03

Paul Muffett 00:30:01 (2nd Vet 55)

Trevor McAlister 00:31:55

Peter Young 00:33:26 (1st Vet 70)

Graham Gardner 00:33:51

Andy Lewis 00:35:39

Elaine Parry 00:36:51

Ken Beak 00:36:49

Michael Dignan 00:37:18

Lauren McIntyre 00:37:26

Mike Case 00:38:41

Bridget Lewis 00:39:29

Peter Jolliffe 00:40:40

Brian Warren 00:40:19

Natalie Rose 00:42:13

Carolyn Ward 00:43:06

Stephen Lee 00:44:11

Hayley Tutton 00:45:16

Pippa Sharp 00:46:59

Christopher Lewis 00:48:46

Louise Wilcock 00:50:19

Jodie Woolston 01:00:42

Results for Chilly Hilly 10th December

Stuart BACKHOUSE 01:16:44 (1st Vet 45, 11th Overall)

Bryan JONES 01:22:06 (1st Vet 50)

Trevor McAlister 01:23:07

Gordon BUSHELL 01:23:45

Nigel ELDRIDGE 01:23:52 (3rd Vet 40)

Richard MELVILLE 01:24:10

Gordon MUCKLOW 01:30:35

Ken BEAK 01:31:04

Julie KING 01:34:29 (1st Vet 50)

Elaine PARRY 01:38:12 (1st Vet 45)

Rosie ELDRIDGE 01:48:30

Brian WARREN 01:48:32

Roger MERRY 01:48:40

Sally ROBERTS 01:50:29 (1st Vet 55)

Catherine YOUNG 01:56:58

Natalie ROSE 01:57:48

Carolyn WARD 01:58:13

Laurie WOODFORD 02:12:20

Louise WILCOCK 02:18:07

Pippa SHARP 02:18:07

Results for Portsmouth Half Marathon 17th December

Kath Levrier 02:33:35


Results for Portsmouth Marathon 17th December

Richard Melville 03:46:10

Sasha Levrier 04:33:34

Simon Levrier 05:43:41

Results for Abominable Snowman 10m 30th December

Les Cupis 01:25:08 (2nd Vet, 7th Overall)

Adam Tuck 01:26:20

Jake Brougham 01:26:54

Stuart Backhouse 01:28:40

Charlie Metcalfe 01:31:04 (1st Lady, 16th Overall)

Trevor McAlister 01:34:07

Richard Melville 01:36:47

Gordon Bushell 01:40:45

Gordon Mucklow 01:42:21

Nigel Eldridge 01:42:58

Graham Gardner 01:43:33

Ken Beak 01:43:46

Terry Smith 01:46:03

Mike Dignan 01:59:18

Bob Somers 02:21:03

Jimi Eldridge 02:21:44

Rosie Eldridge 02:21:44

Tracey Dillon 02:21:44

Sally Roberts 02:21:44

Simon Levrier 02:24:08

Hannah Walker 02:27:57

Matthew Sampson 02:38:35

Nat Rose DNF

Results for Abominable Snowman 10km 30th December

Paul Taylor 01:26:52

Rachel Powell 01:28:29

James Barclay 01:28:40

Nick Herbert 01:38:24

Scott Stillwell 01:38:30

Kate Young 01:44:18

Catherine Young 01:45:41

Michelle Martin 01:49:03

Laurie Woodford 01:50:37

Jo Beak 01:51:21

Rebecca Higgin 01:57:43

Susie Stone 01:57:44

Pippa Sharp 02:00:25

Louise Wilcock 02:04:18

Angie Thornton 02:05:36

Sue Clerkin 02:16:19