Captains Report for August 2018- By Rosie Eldridge

Captain’s Report – August 2018

Hey there folks it’s that time of the month again to send out the race report. We have taken part in   Donkey runs, totally epic Ultra running, Half marathon , and some crazy fell running in the Lake district . A fabulous variety of running events that us Harriers enjoy and excel at  well  done you lovelies!!

Well done to the ultra legend that is Leslie Cupis He ran   a staggering 223 miles…yes you read that right 223 miles!!! Les took part in the the southern  upland way Ultra and smashed it!!

Whilst I was in the Lake district , with very limited wifi, in the drizzle  I looked at the half marathon results.  I was amazed at the fab work you all did well done girls and boys you did an amazing job each and every one of you!

Dates for you diary- Ryde Harriers Fell series 15th and 16th of september

The Great North to South Run 22nd September

Queensgate fun run 29th September

The Isle Of Wight Marathon 14th of October

Ryde Harriers awards night dinner and dance 3rd of November

Ryde Harriers Quiz night 30th of November


Results for Donkey Sanctuary 5km 12th August

Will Trowell 1st 22:25

Nigel Eldridge 8th 25:36

Richard Melville 12th 27:06

Gordon Bushell 18th 28:28

Graham Gardner 20th 28:58

Sam Cleare 24th 30:04

Bryan Jones 27th 30:43

Julie King 5th Lady 31:24

Rosie Eldridge 12th Lady 35:39

Laurie Woodford 21st lady 43:08

Nat Rose 24th lady 44:16

Sarah Probert 25th 44:16

Sue Clerkin 44th 58:50

Beth Holloway 45th 58:50


Results for IOW Half Marathon 19th August

1st Ladies Team – Charlie METCALFE, Julie KING, Tracey DILLON

3rd Ladies Team – Elaine PARRY, Natalie ROSE, Sally ROBERTS

4th Ladies Team – Sarah SMITH, Lisa ROBERTSON, Sarah PEAKE

3rd Men’s Team – Adam TUCK, Richard MELVILLE, Trevor MCALISTER

Adam TUCK 01:21:54 (9th Overall)

Charlie METCALFE 01:30:50 (1st Lady)

Richard MELVILLE 01:33:51

Trevor MCALISTER 01:37:58

Graham GARDNER 01:41:59

Julie KING 01:46:32 (1st Vet 50)

Tracey DILLON 01:47:15 (1st Vet 45)

Ken BEAK 01:47:25 (4st Vet 55)

Elaine PARRY 01:49:49 (3st Vet 45)

Gordon BUSHELL 01:50:29

Rod TAYLOR 01:50:37

Mike DIGNAN 01:51:05

Sam CLEARE 01:56:19

Andrew HEDGECOX 01:56:41

Natalie ROSE 01:57:48

Bryan JONES 01:58:36

Sally ROBERTS 01:58:35

Sarah SMITH 01:58:33

James BARCLAY 01:58:51

Nick HERBERT 01:59:35

Lisa ROBERTSON 02:00:02

Sarah PEAKE 02:02:08

Catherine YOUNG 02:02:25

Jonathan NORTON 02:03:59 (1st Vet 70)

Mark WRIGHT 02:04:14

Stephen LEE 02:04:43 (1st Vet 75)

Roger MERRY 02:06:37 (1st Vet 65)

Scott STILLWELL 02:13:51

Sasha LEVRIER 02:28:43


Results for Ultra Great Britain along the Southern Upland Way (223m) 19th – 22nd August

Les Cupis 89:50:00



Results for Shipman Knotts Fell race 21st August

Rodney Parker 40th overall 46:14

Nigel Eldridge 42nd overall 46:36

Jimi Eldridge 54th overall 51:54

Rosie Eldridge 73rd overall 70:05

Results for Grasmere sports guides Fell race 21st August

Senior Race

Nigel Eldridge 00:23:37

Rosie Eldridge 00:35:41

Under 17 Race

Jimi Eldridge 00:14:24 (2nd Overall)