Captain’s Report for April 2018

Captain’s Report – April 2018

April is definitely the month of marathons!! well done to our team for going all out to achieve amazing results you are all fab! We had the Manchester crew, the Brighton Gang and the London posse and some crazy hardcore folk who did London  one  week after Manchester.We salute you xxxx  Big shout out to all Harriers that ran all distances be it long or short great results by all.

Well done to Charlie Metcalfe for taking on your first marathon and totally smashing it!!!

( sorry couldn’t find any pictures to add)


Results for South Downs Way 50m ultra 7th April

Abigail Cooke 09:50:26


Results for Salisbury 10m (HRRL) 8th April

Jake Brougham 01:01:57

Peter Young 01:10:14 (1st Vet 70)

Joshua Woodnutt 01:17:40

Rosie Eldridge 01:31:27

Sasha Levrier 01:37:57

Kate Young 01:45:31


Results for Manchester Marathon 8th April (10,000 runners)

Leslie Cupis 03:01:12 (7th Vet 55, Good for Age)

Trevor McAlister 03:24:12

Richard Melville 03:27:15

Graham Gardner 03:29:08

Elaine Parry 03:49:08 (Good for Age)

Samantha Fancourt 03:51:46

Ken Beak 03:51:58

Jonathan Norton 04:13:27 (5th Vet 70, Good for Age)

Michael Dignan 04:14:32

Mark Wright 04:45:07

Will Trowell DNF (Retired at 19m)

Brian Warren DNF (Retired at 17 m)

Results for Brighton Marathon 15th April (20,000 runners)

Charlie Metcalfe 02:57:52 (6th Lady, 2nd Vet 40, Good for Age)

Sarah Probert 04:59:13

Ana-maria Roman 05:29:01


Results for Cribyn Fell Race 21st April (5.5m, 3100ft of ascent)

Jimi Eldridge 01:27:20

Nigel Eldridge 01:29:37


Results for Southampton 10km 22nd April

Harry Furmidge 00:45:57

Claire Grace 00:49:48

Peter Jolliffe 00:54:30 (2nd Vet 70)

Results for Southampton Half Marathon 22nd April

Tracey Dillon 01:48:40

Roger Merry 01:58:33

Rachel Powell 02:04:22

Claire Angell 02:07:41

Catherine Young 02:08:48

Natalie Rose 02:09:24

Steve Lee 02:10:08 (5th Vet 70)

Lee Montague 02:20:39

Kate Couch 02:20:47

Carolyn Ward 02:25:12

Angela Lock 03:06:28

Joshua Woodnutt DNF

Results for Southampton Marathon 22nd April

Trevor McAlister 04:33:11

Sasha Levrier 05:11:18

Results for London Marathon 22nd April

Adam Tuck 02:53:04

Les Cupis 03:30:19

Paul Muffett 03:31:58

Richard Melville 03:51:46

Bryan Jones 04:17:45

Sally Roberts 04:24:31

Jonathan Norton 04:40:41