Captain’s Report – February 2020

Captain’s Report – February 2020

A quick look back at February, when normality was a thing.

The month got off to a flying start, with Harriers attending 4 different races on the mainland, as well as a massive turnout to our own Ryde 10m, all in the first weekend. With excellent overall and age group positions obtained in Ryde 10m, resulting in good Men’s & Ladies’ team rankings in the HRRL.

This was followed by the last of the HXCL fixtures at Popham Airfield, on a course that considerably dryer than our own cross-country races.

Then to round off the month, Harriers attended 10km & Half Marathons in Winchester, Brighton & Wokingham, with the men all placing very high in the latter.


Results for Arc of Attrition winter 50m 1st February

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Sasha Levrier                     14:43:33


Arc of Attrition 50 miles…Minack Theatre to Porthowan.

In February, before the current Covid-19 situation locked down racing in the UK Sasha Levrier of Ryde Harriers competed in the Arc of Attrition 50 miles ultra-run.  Starting a race you’d forgotten you’d entered with a finish and three course cut-off times over 50 miles of very hilly Cornish costal path doesn’t inspire confidence and Sasha started the race thinking she wouldn’t finish.

The race didn’t start well for Sasha with tight calves and numb feet leading to a slow start from Porthowan to the first time check at Pendeen. First cut-off time beaten it was a hard slog to St. Ives through the mud and bog of the coast path. Over this terrain it’s difficult to get a rhythm going with the wind and despite the blue skies recent, continual heavy rain had led to very muddy, treacherous running conditions.

After not looking at her watch on this section Sasha was very surprised and pleased to hit St. Ives again within the cut-off time.  Now believing she could do the full 50 miles a quick change of shoes and clothes and Sasha was off to the section around Tonhayle and through the ‘dunes of doom’ (this sandy terrain made more difficult by having 26 miles already in the legs). Despite this Sasha hit the next checkpoint at Godrevy within the cut-off and after a quick kit sort out was ready for the final section.

By now it was ‘chucking it down’ and the added wind chill was making conditions ‘bitter’. A lack of nutrition combined with the downhills turning into mudslides left Sasha with a few hairy slides, a broken walking pole. At this point nutrition is whatever you can find in your ruck-sack even if it does taste like cardboard, so a sausage roll later she was into the final section and finishing in 14hrs 43mins and 33secs for the 51.5 miles.

Considering she didn’t expect to finish Sasha said she felt ‘Frazzled but on Cloud Nine and what a start to the year’.

Results for Chichester 10k 2nd February

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Jake Brougham                 00:34:29

Steve Brougham               00:42:32


Results for Longleat 10k 2nd February

Sue Clerkin                          01:22:47



Results for Portsmouth Coastal Half Marathon 2nd February

Matthew Jacobs               01:36:51


Results for Ryde 10m 2nd February

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Joe WADE                            00:55:13 (1st Overall)

Gary MARSHALL              00:58:24 (3rd Overall)

Dave HUNT                        00:58:45 (4th Overall)

Charlie METCALFE           01:04:16 (2nd Lady, 1st Vet 40)

Trevor MCALISTER          01:06:40

Bryan JONES                     01:06:49

Leslie CUPIS                      01:07:41 (1st Vet 55)

Richard MELVILLE           01:08:32

Ken OATLEY                       01:10:25

Nigel ELDRIDGE                01:12:17

Graham GARDNER         01:13:11

Alex ROBERTSON            01:13:56

Peter WILMOTT               01:14:36

Jodie WILMOTT               01:14:37 (3rd Vet 35)

Harry FURMIDGE            01:15:00

Craig ROBINS                    01:15:41

Scott BRADLEY                  01:19:04

Andrew LEWIS                  01:19:03

Richard BULMER             01:19:07

Dominique NOYCE          01:20:12

Simon JOY                          01:20:13

Graham SKELLEY              01:21:03 (3rd Vet 65)

Ken BEAK                            01:22:19

Sarah PEAKE                      01:22:26

Cordelia DEWEY               01:22:48

Claire ANGELL                  01:23:35

Jo STEVENSON                 01:26:06

Tracey DILLON                  01:26:28 (3rd Vet 45)

Elaine PARRY                    01:28:02

Emma WHEELER              01:28:14

Nick HERBERT                   01:28:25

Samantha FANCOURT   01:28:07

Sally ROBERTS                  01:28:52

Bridget LEWIS                   01:29:43

Mark WRIGHT                  01:29:48

Natalie ROSE                     01:30:11

Linda SPENCER                 01:33:35

Keith RUTH                        01:33:58

Scott STILLWELL               01:35:12

Brian WARREN                 01:35:19

Rosie ELDRIDGE               01:35:50

Caroline DALL-WHITTALL 01:35:43

Carolyn WARD                  01:36:08

Lance SMITHSON            01:36:13

Lisa ROBERTSON             01:38:01

Diana SWYERS                  01:38:27

Rachel REYNARD             01:38:55

Alison CRITCHLEY            01:41:43

Robert SOMERS               01:42:33

John NORTON                  01:43:07 (2nd Vet 75)

Reniera O’DONNELL       01:43:14

Melanie JAMES                01:43:15

Kate COUCH                      01:44:03

Michelle MARTIN            01:47:38

Sarah PROBERT                01:47:38

Pippa SHARP                     01:47:53

Joanne BEAK                     01:47:56

Carole BARRY                    01:51:29

Craig WHITE                      01:54:20

Louise WILCOCK              01:57:25

Kath LEVRIER                    01:57:32

Beth HOLLOWAY             02:03:51

Gabbie GINN                    02:04:50



Results for Popham Airfield, Basingstoke HXCL 8th February

Women’s 4m

Samantha Fancourt         00:31:05 87th

Claire Campbell                 00:31:52 100th

Natalie Rose                       00:33:53 113th


Men’s 6.3m

Trevor McAlister               00:41:44 127th

Nigel Eldridge                    00:44:54 167th

Ken Beak                             00:49:21 200th



Results for IOW XC Championship 16th February

Well attended by 65 runners, 21 Harriers


Results for Arthur Biggs XC Handicap 23rd February

Well attended by 38 runners, 16 Harriers


Results for Wokingham Half 23rd February

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Joe Wade                            01:08:01 (3rd Overall)

Dave Hunt                           01:16:43

Jake Brougham                 01:17:34


Results for Brighton Half 23rd February

Alex Robertson                 01:39:33


Results for Winchester 10Km 23rd February

Sue Green                           01:07:26