Captain’s report February 2018

Captain’s Report – February 2018

As I sit here and type out this report for February, sipping hot chocolate, in front of the fire, watching the snow gently falling for most of the morning and noon. It feels more like Feb rather than the middle of March.

Right then, back to the business of report writing. Feb saw the return of the Ryde Harriers Ryde ten mile race, with it’s new and improved route for 2018. I really enjoyed the new route as did many other runners that I spoke to after the race. I personally loved running through the Duver. It was beautiful, weather conditions were perfect although a tad windy when heading towards Nodes point holiday camp. I also underestimated the hill going up through the camp. Great fun and definitely look forward to running this course again.

We also saw the Ryde harriers cross country season come to an end with the final two instalments being that of the Isle Of Wight Championship and the Arthur Biggs handicap race. This year’s series races were all run on a new course, featuring both the addition of the screaming woman wood lol and for the fellas a picturesque view of Nunwell house. A very enjoyable route for both women and men alike, one which the majority were pleased not to have to run back through the swampy orchard on the return back to the stadium. Races were well attended by Ryde Harriers. Great work guys and gals it is a privilege to run alongside my fellow Harriers xxxxx

Results for Thames Trot ultra 50m 3th February

Les Cupis 07:42:37 (1st Vet 55)


Results for Chichester Priory 10km 4th February

Charlie Metcalfe 00:38:08 (3rd Vet 40)

Peter Young 00:41:31 (1st Vet 70)


Results for Portsmouth Coastal Half Marathon 4th February

Sasha Levrier 02:09:05


Results for Ryde 10m 4th February (49 Harriers)

4th Men’s Team (Jake Brougham, Adam Tuck, Stuart Backhouse)

Jake Brougham 01:01:22

Adam Tuck 01:02:31

Stuart Backhouse 01:03:41

Bryan Jones 01:07:06

Paul Muffett 01:07:13 (1st Vet 55)

Eric Diamond 01:07:23

Simon Joy 01:09:33

Trevor Mcalister 01:09:53

Richard Melville 01:10:18

Graham Gardner 01:12:35

Gordon Bushell 01:14:20

Sam Cleare 01:14:36

Harry Furmidge 01:16:24 (2nd JM)

Andrew Lewis 01:17:12

Julie King 01:17:20 (2nd Vet 50)

Mike Dignan 01:17:26

Ken Beak 01:18:01

Catherine Oatley 01:18:02

Elaine Parry 01:18:41

Tom Hill 01:19:00

Joshua Woodnutt 01:21:25

Samantha Fancourt 01:21:30

Cherry Shannon 01:23:42

Sally Roberts 01:24:51

Nick Herbert 01:26:28

Sarah Peake 01:26:38

James Barclay 01:26:38

NatalieRose 01:27:01

Catherine Young 01:27:35

Bridget Lewis 01:28:04

Rosie Eldridge 01:28:14

Rachel Powell 01:28:21

Brian Warren 01:29:56

David Lawn 01:30:27

Mark Wright 01:31:40

Roger Merry 01:31:38 (2nd Vet 65)

Jonathan Norton 01:31:57 (2nd Vet 70)

Carolyn Ward 01:35:08

Stephen Lee 01:35:38 (2nd Vet 75)

Matthew Sampson 01:36:03

Simon Levrier 01:38:08

Scott Stillwell 01:40:00

Caroline Curliss 01:42:59

Pippa Sharp 01:46:15

Kate Couch 01:46:12

Darren Kingsbury 01:47:01

Kath Levrier 01:51:14

Beth Holloway 02:01:06

Will Trowell DNF



Results for HXC Aldershot 10th February


Leslie Cupis 00:41:25

Trevor McAlister 00:43:27

Richard Melville 00:45:19

Graham Gardner 00:46:54

Ken Beak 00:48:08

The men’s team finished the season 6th out of 10 in division 2 of the league


Julie King 00:30:15

Elaine Parry 00:32:29

Natalie Rose 00:34:56

Kate Couch 00:41:32

The lady’s team finished the season 15th out of 17 in the league

Results for Wight Tri – Chillerton Crucifier Duathlon 11th February

(5.9km road run/28km Road Cycle/5.9km road run)

Trevor McAlister 02:04:19 (0:09:19 slower than nominated, 7th)


Results for IOW XC Championship 18th February

Well attended by 33 harriers and 86 overall.


Results for Rhyl (British Masters Championships) 10m 24th February

Peter Young 01:08:11 (2nd Vet 70)


Results for Arthur Biggs Handicap XC 25th February

Well attended by 20 harriers and 59 overall.



Results for Winchester 10km 25th February

Sue Clarkin 01:17:22 (3rd Vet