Captain’s Report – February 2017

February saw the final two races in the Harriers cross country series, with the weather having softened up the course a little bit since the first race the going was a bit more challenging. Its great to so many having a go at cross country for the first time, perhaps we will see more of you during next year’s Hampshire cross country league.

There was a good turnout for Ryde 10, with 33 harriers taking part and recording some excellent times. The popularity of this race has seen entry’s reach the race limit for the first time this year, and 461 runners finishing.

February and the beginning of March has seen the last two HXCL races of the season, with the men’s team finishing top of the 3rd division and will be promoted next season. The Lady’s team performed well all season but were not able to field a full team for all the fixtures in order to qualify for a position in the seasons team event.

The latest installment of “Lets’s All Run Together” hosted by Ryde Harriers this time was a great success, everyone enjoyed the nice ‘flat course’, but more so the home-made soup prepared by Angie back that the club.

The latter half of the month has seen a number of runners completing in their first 10k and half marathon races, congratulations to everyone.

Results for Ryde 10m (HXCL) 5th February

Stuart BACKHOUSE         01:03:00 (5th Vet 45)

Bryan JONES                      01:03:43 (1st Vet 50)

Andrew MCEWEN            01:03:51 (1st Vet 55, new course record)

Leslie CUPIS                       01:06:03 (5th Vet 50)

Charlie METCALFE            01:06:26 (1st Woman, 1st Vet 40)

Peter YOUNG                    01:09:10 (1st Vet 65, new course record)

Nigel ELDRIDGE                01:10:21

Eric DIAMOND                 01:11:10

Sam CLEARE                      01:12:10

Judy MCCABE                   01:12:31 (5th Vet 35)

Simon JOY                          01:13:17

Trevor MCALISTER          01:14:29

Julie KING                          01:15:15 (3rd Vet 50)

Graham GARDNER         01:15:17

Richard MELVILLE           01:17:28

Elaine PARRY                    01:17:36 (5th Vet 45)

Gordon BUSHELL             01:17:35

Samantha FANCOURT   01:18:31

Kate WOOD                       01:18:30

Ken BEAK                            01:18:41

Brian WARREN                 01:22:25

Rosie ELDRIDGE               01:25:28

Philippa DALEY                 01:26:23

Andrew LEWIS                  01:26:39

Karen COLLETT                 01:26:39

Mark WRIGHT                  01:27:07

Peter WHITE                      01:29:28

Catherine YOUNG           01:30:54

Stephen LEE                      01:39:58 (4th Vet 70)

Kath LEVRIER                    01:42:55 (4th Vet 60)

Sasha LEVRIER                  01:45:17

Simon LEVRIER                 01:53:10

Angela LOCK                     01:55:44


3rd Women’s team



Julie KING

Results for Staunton Country Park (HXCL) 11th February

Men’s up to 10km

Andrew McEwen             40:48

Les Cupis                             42:13

Trevor McAlister               44:13

Tom Blackwell                   45:27

Ken Beak                             47:46

Brian Warren                     51:34


Women’s up to 6km

Julie King                             29:42

Elaine Parry                        30:54


Results for Chillerton Duathlon 12th February

Les Cupis                             (Results unknown)


Results for Wokingham Half Marathon 12th February

Lauren McIntyre               1:53:27


Results for Bramley 20m 19th February

Adam Tuck                          2:07:22

Peter Young                        2:23:06 (3rd Vet 65)


Results for Bramley 10m 19th February

Richard Niblett                  1:09:11


Results for Winchester 10k 26th February

Sue Clarkin                          1:15:30 (3rd Vet 65)


Results for Thorp Park Half Marathon 26th February

Catherine Young               2:09:59


Results for The Heartbreaker Half Marathon 26th February

Abigail Cooke                    2:03:38

Philippa Daley                    2:07:31

Sally Roberts                      2:09:15 (2nd Vet 55)


Results for The Heartbreaker Marathon 26th February

Sasha Levrier                     5:16:56 (10th Senior Lady)