Captain’s Report – August

August has been all about distance running, with most of the Harriers doing some serious mileage in preparation for the 60th IOW marathon that is fast approaching. But some of us have just been frolicking around.

September sees the first race in the 2016/17 Hampshire road race league, we need to try and get full lady’s & men’s teams into the majority of the races if we want to improve on last year’s positions in the league.



Salisbury 54321 20 miles 14th August

Abigail Cooke                    3:28:12 (4th SW & 12th Lady)


Salisbury 54321 5k walk 14th August

Sue Clerkin                          1:23:24 (2nd Lady)




IOW Half Marathon 21st August

BACKHOUSE, Stuart        1:23:07 (2nd Vet M45)

MCEWEN, Andrew          1:28:17 (1st Vet M55)

CUPIS, Leslie                       1:29:36 (1st Vet M50)

YOUNG, Peter                   1:34:02 (1st Vet M65)

METCALFE, Charlie           1:35:02 (1st Vet F40)

ELDRIDGE, Nigel                1:36:42

NIBLETT, Richard              1:39:57

KEEHN, Andrew                1:43:16

MCALISTER, Trevor          1:43:26

KING, Julie                          1:44:30  (3rd Vet F50)

HILL, Tom                            1:46:02 (1st Vet M60)

GARDNER, Graham         1:47:07

PARRY, Elaine                     1:48:42 (1st Vet F45)

WILKINSON, Rob              1:49:09

LAWN, David                      1:51:44

COLLETT, Karen                 1:53:36

WHITE, Peter                     1:53:20

MELVILLE, Richard            1:54:10

NORTON, Jonathan         1:57:30 (1st Vet M70)

PACY, Charlotte                2:00:29

WARREN, Brian                 2:02:20

WRIGHT, Mark                  2:05:23

DALEY, Philippa                 2:06:48

COOKE, Abigail                  2:09:58

FRAMPTON, Cheryl         2:10:05 (3rd Vet F55)

COOPER, Michael             2:18:38

TROWBRIDGE, Fiona       2:19:59

LOCK, Angela                     2:29:59



East Farm Frolic (approx. 3.81 mile laps) 28th August

Ryde Harriers had a lovely weekend at the East Farm Frolic with IOWRR, where the aim of the race was to complete as many laps of the 3.81 mile course you could (or wanted to) within the 12-hour limit.

Solo Men (61 runners)

Michael Coultrup (IOW RR)          1st 18 laps – 68.6 miles

Daniel Williams (IOW RR)              3rd 16 laps – 60.96 miles

Ian Russel (IOW RR)                         7th 13 laps – 50 miles

Trevor McAlister                               20th 8 laps – 30.5 miles


Relays of Fours (72 teams)

Team ‘Ploughing On’                       17th team 17 laps – 64.8 miles

Team ‘Corn Dollies’                         18th team 17 laps – 64.8 miles

(Individuals completed the following laps, not all counted towards the team total)

Rosie Eldridge                                    6 laps – 22.9 miles

Elaine Parry                                        6 laps – 22.9 miles

Samantha Fancourt                         6 laps – 22.9 miles

Ian Dyer (IOW RR)                            6 laps – 22.9 miles

Julie Salter (IOW RR)                       5 laps – 19.1 miles

Sally Roberts                                      4 laps – 15.3 miles

Pillippa Daley                                     4 laps – 15.3 miles

Hayley Tutton                                    3 laps – 11.4 miles