Captain’s Report – August 2020

Captain’s Report – August 2020

Though out July & August a group of Harriers have been competing in the Virtual Fell Running Championship. A big thank you to Nigel Eldridge for creating the fell race routes for these races, and for keeping us motivated for the last couple of months.

With the easing of restrictions, some of us have been fortunate enough to be able to start racing again, at real races!

Hopefully it won’t be long before we are all running as a club again, and attending races.


Virtual Fell Running Championship

The cancellation of all regular fell races during lockdown left a void that was to be partially filled by the Virtual Fell Running Championship. This was organised by Rupert Bonington (son of Mountaineer and explorer Sir Chris Bonington).

The championship was comprised of 3 races, 4, 8 and 12 miles with 900, 1800 and 3000ft of ascent.

Each route had to be planned to meet the required criteria which also meant avoiding road and tracks where possible.

The races were each held at separate allocated times between the 27th June and the 16th August and were to be recorded using a GPS watch or device and then submitted to be scored.

Ryde Harriers had 14 entrants in the team and despite injury hampering some entries we held our heads very high amongst some of the top fell running clubs in the country.

Hopefully this will inspire more of our members to have a go at fell running in the future. We will certainly be planning more training sessions and fell race trips when club life returns.


Race 1) 4 Miles, 900ft assent

Trevor McAlister 00:32:48 (36 SM, 84 Overall)

Nigel Eldridge 00:36:05 (44 V40, 132 Overall)

Keith Ruth 00:41:36 (33 V50, 222 Overall)

Ken Beak 00:41:37 (34 V50, 223 Overall)

Claire Campbell 00:42:59 (13 V40, 234 Overall)

Elaine Parry 00:44:16 (10 V50, 246 Overall)

Samantha Fancourt 00:47:36 (23 V40, 273 Overall)

Michelle Martin 00:47:43 (24 V40, 274 Overall)

Rosie Eldridge 00:48:10 (25 V40, 278 Overall)

Pippa Sharp 00:53:09 (16 V50, 300 Overall)

Hayley Tutton 00:53:34 (40 SF, 301 Overall)


Race 2) 8 Miles, 1,800ft assent

Trevor McAlister 01:10:02 (20 SM, 49 Overall)

Richard Melville 01:17:47 (33 V40, 89 Overall)

Nigel Eldridge 01:21:42 (40 V40, 113 Overall)

Ken Beak 01:25:50 (18 V50, 130 Overall)

Elaine Parry 01:31:07 (6 V50, 158 Overall)

Keith Ruth 01:32:00 (25 V50, 160 Overall)

Michelle Martin 01:43:06 (18 V40, 190 Overall)

Claire Campbell 01:44:52 (20 V40, 194 Overall)

Rosie Eldridge 01:45:36 (21 V40, 196 Overall)

Pippa Sharp 02:03:25 (12 V50, 216 Overall)


Race 3) 12 Miles, 3,000ft assent

Trevor McAlister 01:59:32 (13 SM, 34 Overall)

Nigel Eldridge 02:17:32 (18 V40, 61 Overall)

Ken Beak 02:19:36 (11 V50, 66 Overall)

Elaine Parry 02:26:57 (2 V50, 82 Overall)

Keith Ruth 02:31:56 (20 V50, 92 Overall)

Claire Campbell 02:47:03 (13 V40, 112 Overall)

Rosie Eldridge 02:59:44 (15 V40, 127 Overall)


On Saturday 15th August, Sasha Levrier took part in the Tenacious Endurance Challenge trail run in Crickhowell Wales.  The event was a 10hour challenge with runners aiming to complete as many laps of a 4.3mile loop with 1,700 feet of ascent per loop – it certainly required ‘tenacity’ to complete.

With trail races only just starting again Sasha said “it was a day well spent and very good to be back racing again.  It was a brutal loop of 4.3 miles with the 1,700 feet of ascent in the first 2.5 ish miles, then it was a case of making it back down the mountain to the start again”.

The run went first up Perth y Pia in the Black Mountains overlooking the Grwyne Fechan valley and pretty village of Llanbedr, then up to Table Mountain. Sasha said “it was long old slog to the top, and then the down was over way too quick, my downhill game is still strong but still got to work on the up. It was a super hard day, tallied up a total of 10,500 feet of elevation overall in 25:25 miles over 6 laps.”

It was a super effort by Sasha, she did a total of 6 laps in 9 hours 40 mins and was First Lady overall.

Sasha said “it was difficult to describe how amazing this race was, it was the company’s first race and what a great start. Once again many thanks to Tom Brading for being crew man.”


On Saturday 23th August, Trevor McAlister took part in the New Forest Standard Distance Triathlon.

It was an 4am early morning crossing to head to the New Forest in order to take part in one of the first triathlons since lockdown. The event was hosted by the Challenge Event team as a non-competitive event, and took in an 1100meter swim in Ellingham Lake, from which there was a 500meter run up to transition, followed by a 33km undulating cycle around the surrounding New Forest roads, finishing with a 10km run.

With the added pressure of a half hour delay at the start, plus the windy weather conditions, it was with a bit of trepidation that I took on my first race of the season, and first triathlon on the big Island.

Again due to Covid-19 guidelines, the start was in waves, which meant a much more pleasurable swim as the normal mass start can be a bun-fight!

I started well with a solid swim of 23:03, (25:42 including the run up into transition), but just as I headed out on the bike I got stung by a wasp/hornet. Fortunately, at the time it didn’t appear to affect me on the cycle and I completed the 33km cycle in 1:06:36. Thankful I had the insight to change my 80mm front wheel on my bike to a 50mm, as the wind was brutal at times, which meant I wasn’t spending effort fighting to keep it in a straight-line.

However, during the run I was feeling the effect of the wasp sting, restricting me breathing to just shallow breathes and preventing me running to my true potential. With no intention of giving up, I ended up finished the run in 42:24 to post a finish time overall of 2:18:19 and take 22nd position out of 98 competitors.

This was not the race I had hoped for, but it did provide a stepping stone for my next event in 2 weeks time. This is the Bournemouth Standard Distance Triathlon, at which I hope to gain qualification for the Isle of Wight Triathlon Team for the 2021 Guernsey Island Games.