Captain’s Report – August 2017

Peter Young started off the month with an outstanding performance in the European Masters Championship Half Marathon, bring home the gold. Peter has been training hard at the track for over a year and it has certainly payed off, it just goes to show you are never too old to be fast.

Myself and Rodney Parker went up to South Wales again, to do the Brecon fell run this time, which visits all the peaks around the Talbot reservoir, a very scenic but tough race.

Ryde Harriers don’t just run, some of us had a go at the Sandown Pier to Shanklin Pier swim as well.

The end of August saw a very good turnout of Harriers at our own half marathon race, including a number Harriers running this course for the first time. There were also some good performances in this race, as well as quite a number of category wins.


Results for European Masters Championship Half Marathon 6th August

Peter Young                       01:32:41 (Vet 70 – Gold, European Champion)



Results for Brecon Becon Fell run 19.9miles 4,700ft 6th August

Trevor McAlister               04:4802

Rodney Parker                   DNF

(Retired at 16 miles, but was in about 18th place at the time)


Results for Pier to Pier Swim 2.4 miles 12th August

Michelle Martin                00:38:14 (1st Vet 40, Free style)

Trevor McAlister               00:48:20 (Free style)

Graham Skelley                 00:48:41 (Breaststroke)

Results for Salisbury 54321 50k 13th August

Abigail Cooke                     05:29:22

Sasha Levrier                     06:03:01


Results for IOW Half Marathon 20th August

Adam TUCK                        01:21:28

Paul MUFFETT                  01:22:09 (1st Vet 55)

Stuart BACKHOUSE        01:23:32 (2nd Vet 45)

Andrew MCEWEN           01:27:11 (2nd Vet 55)

Charlie METCALFE           01:31:06 (1st Vet 40)

Eric DIAMOND                 01:32:25

Gordon BUSHELL             01:32:51

Nigel ELDRIDGE                01:34:07 (3rd Vet 40)

Terry SMITH                      01:34:18

Richard MELVILLE           01:36:07

Trevor  MCALISTER         01:36:52

Richard NIBLETT              01:38:50

Graham GARDNER         01:40:41

Julie KING                          01:45:59 (1st Vet 50)

Tom HILL                             01:48:34 (2nd Vet 60)

Elaine PARRY                    01:48:41 (2nd Vet 45)

Ken BEAK                            01:50:36

David LAWN                      01:51:02 (3rd Vet 60)

Sally ROBERTS                  01:54:22 (3rd Vet 55)

Mike DIGNAN                  01:56:12

Lauren MCINTYRE           01:57:34

Jonathan NORTON         02:00:43 (1st Vet 70)

Rosie ELDRIDGE               02:02:18

Stephen LEE                      02:06:31 (1st Vet 75)

Scott STILLWELL               02:08:20

Catherine YOUNG           02:10:56

Simon LEVRIER                 02:16:10

Natalie ROSE                     02:17:05

Michelle MARTIN            02:19:53

Emma MUFFETT              02:22:27

Kath LEVRIER                    02:29:12

Kate COUCH                      02:36:22

Ana PARKMAN                 02:36:49

Sasha LEVRIER                  02:48:50

Angela LOCK                     02:54:11

3rd Men’s Team – Adam TUCK, Paul MUFFETT, Stuart BACKHOUSE

1st Ladies Team – Charlie METCALFE, Julie KING, Elaine PARRY

3rd Ladies Team – Sally ROBERTS, Lauren MCINTYRE, Rosie ELDRIDGE



Results for East Farm 10k 26th August

Catherine Young               01:11:41