Captain’s Report – April

It’s been Marathon season this month with Ryde Harriers participating in the Paris, Brighton & London Marathons, with some spectacular times recorded, well done to everyone.

There have also been a number of local runs that have been well supported by Ryde Harriers, the Night Runner & Night Rider in aid of the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust. And the Newchurch 9K in aid of Sport Relief and Newchurch Primary School.

A men’s and a women’s team represented the club at the Lakeside 5km relays against some strong competition.

Whilst we are on a Marathon theme, ballot entry for London 2017 is open until Friday 6th May. Have you got your entry in?!



Paris Marathon 2016

Paris Marathon 3rd April

Les Cupis                            3:04:50


Night Runner 16th April (No official times)


Les Cupis                            1:32:00

Trevor McAlister               1:50:00

Samantha Fancourt          2:00:00

Ken Beak                             2:00:00


Joanne Beak                       –



Lakeside 5km Relay 17th April

Woman’s Team

Julie King                            20:43 (13th fastest lap)

Rosie Eldridge                    21:03

Lauren McIntyre               23:03

Team Total                      1:05:03 (7th SW Team)

(The also beat all but 2 of the Vet 40, 50 & 60 teams)

Men’s Team

San Cleare                           18:59

Nigel Eldridge                    19:58

Trevor McAlister               20:21

Team Total                         59:18 (12th SM Team)

(The also beat 6 of the Vet 40, 50 & 60 teams)


2016-April-Brighton_Judy Mccabe_v22016-April-Brighton_Brian Warren_v22016-April-Brighton_Phillippa Daley

Brighton Marathon 17th April

Judy Mccabe                      3:30:34 (81st Women)

Brian Warren                     4:15:01

Phillippa Daley                  4:18:13

Ana-Marria Roman          4:54:20


Southampton 10Km 24th April

Peter Jolliffe                       47:46 (1st Vet 70)



Newchurch 9Km 24th April (No official times)

Trevor McAlister              40:08

Sam Cleare                         41:20

Julie King                           44:06

Rosie Eldridge                   46:22

Elaine Perry                       46:22

Lauren McIntyre               47:30

Peter White

Andy Lewis

Bridget Lewis

Paul Charlton-Smith



London Marathon 24th April2016-April-London_Tom_v2

Les Cupis                             2:58:31 (92nd Vet 50)

Paul Cooke                          2:59:04

Tom Blackwell                    3:08:58

Bryon Jones                        3:17:33

Johnathon Norton             3:52:17 (14th Vet 70)

Pete Still                               3:54:38

Sally Roberts                       4:03:26

2016-April-London Team_v2