Captain’s Report – April 2019

Captain’s Report – April 2019

Welcome to the results of April for Ryde Harriers. As you can see we have had yet another busy month of races. Well done to all that have competed, great results by all!! Congratulations to Carolyn ward for completing her very first marathon at Paris.

Results for Chessell Chase 5th April

Tom Brading 00:50:24

Sasha Levrier 01:01:47 (1st Female)


Results for Sugar Loaf Fell Race 7m 1,721ft Assent 6th April

Trevor McAlister 01:06:27

Rosie Eldridge 01:28:48

Sarah Probert 01:58:00

Nigel Eldridge 01:58:00


Results for Manchester Marathon 7th April

Les Cupis 02:53:45 (7th Vet 55)

Dave Hunt 02:53:51

Bryan Jones 03:10:11

Richard Melville 03:13:52

Tom Robinson 03:2744

Simon Newman 03:36:18

Graham Gardner 03:43:04


Results for Berlin Half Marathon 7th April

Lisa Robertson 02:20:37



Results for Lancing College 10k M/T 7th April

Sue Clerkin 01:22:19 (6th Vet 70)

Results for Salisbury 10m 14th April

Trevor McAlister 01:06:15

Natalie Rose 01:25:44

Rosie Eldridge 01:26:16

Michelle Martin 01:39:42


Results for Goodwood Half Marathon 14th April

Steve Lee 01:59:31


Results for Brighton Marathon 14th April

Alex Robertson 03:17:17


Results for Brighton 10km 14th April

Charlie Metcalfe 00:37:40 (1st Vet 40)


Results for Paris Marathon 14th April

Carolyn Ward 05:29:00

Keith Ruth 05:29:00


Results for New York Half Marathon 14th April

Kate Young 02:31:27


Results for Newport to Ryde 7m 20th April

Adam Tuck 50:22

Charlie Metcalfe 50:32 (1st female, 1st vet 40)

Jo Evans-Murray 51:51

Trevor Mcalister 52:20

Richard Melville 53:51

Nigel Eldridge 54:20

Rod Taylor 58:09

Cliff Morley 59:24

Graham Gardner 59:50

Julie King 1:00:37

Martin Goodall 1:01:11

Rowland Sillito 1:01:58

Jo Stevenson 1:03:23

Tom Brading 1:04:49

James Barclay 1:05:45

Andrew Leal 1:08:16

Jimi Eldridge 1:09:33

Rachel Powell 1:09:35

Natalie Rose 1:10:26

Rosie Eldridge 1:10:45

Samantha Fancourt 1:10:53

Robert Somers 1:11:54

Catherine Young 1:12:16

Nick Herbert  1:12:28

Peter White 1:14:41

Scott Stillwell 1:14:48

Caroline Dall Whittal 1:15:09

Joanne Wright 1:23:08

Mike Dignan 1:23:20

Mark Wright 1:23:22

Reniera O Donnell 1:29:33

Angela Thornton 1:32:09

Louise Wilcock 1:37:53 (2nd f55)

Sue Clerkin 1:54:42 ( 1st f vet70)

2nd mens team prize -Adam Tuck,Jo Murray Evans, Trevor Mcalister

1st ladies team prize  – Charlie Metcalfe, Julie King, Jo Stevenson

3rd ladies team prize  – Rachel Powell, Natalie Rose, Rosie Eldridge

136 runners, of which 34 were Ryde Harriers

Results for West Wight 3 Hills 8m 22nd April


Leslie Cupis 0:55:50 (1st M55)

Bryan Jones 0:59:13

Trevor Mcalister 1:00:20

Nigel Eldridge 1:00:22

Julie King 1:07:18 (1st FVet 50)

Roger Merry 1:09:58 (2nd M65)

Tracey Dillon 1:10:14 (1st F45)

Richard Melville 1:11:19

Graham Gradner  1:11:19

Paul Taylor 1:11:47

Claire Angell 1:12:31

Catherine Young 1:13:13

Tom Brading 1:13:14

Sarah Peake 1:13:14

Rosie Eldridge 1:17:43

Natalie Rose 1:20:39

Nick Herbert 1:21:04

Scott Stillwell 1:23:55

Sasha Levrier 1:24:30

Simon Levrier 1:27:33

Alison Critchley 1:27:46

Kath Levrier 1:44:59

2nd Mens team prize – Leslie Cupis, Bryan Jones, Trevor Mcalister

1st ladies team prize -Julie King, Tracey Dillon, Claire Angell

3rd team prize -Catherine Young, Sarah Peake, Rosie Eldridge

151 runners, of which 23 were Ryde Harriers

Results for London Marathon 28th April

Adam Tuck 03:07:04

Richard Melville 03:33:43

Elaine Parry 04:04:10

Ken Beak 04:04:10

Mark Wright 04:39:01

Results for DO-A-DU 28th April

Attended by

Trevor McAlister

Sam Cleare

Tom Hill


Results for Corf Fun Run28th April

attended by Ryde Harriers