Captain’s Report – April 2017

Its spring again, there’s bird song in the air, and the groans of weary marathon runners.

Adam & Andrew started the month off with outstanding performances at Manchester Marathon both getting under 3 hours, with Andrew’s time resulted in him being selected to run for England at the Chester Marathon in October.

There were also excellent times in the Briton, Southampton & London Marathons, with a number of these runners making massive improvements compared to their first Marathon the 60th Isle of Wight Marathon back in October.

Not to be out done, Les completed the Liverpool to Manchester 50 mile ultra, and Stuart Backhouse was 1st man in the Three Forts Marathon.

There was a great turnout at both of the Ryde Harrier Easter races, Newport to Ryde & The Three Hills, possibly drawn in by the offering of beer at the end.


Results for Manchester Marathon 2nd April

Adam Tuck                          2:51:58

Andrew McEwen             2:56:31 (2nd Vet 55)


Results for Brighton Marathon 9th April

Rosie Eldridge                    4:17:41

Zoe Pattison                       4:24:38

Sasha Levrier                     4:50:42

Mark Wright                       4:54:51

Results for Salisbury 10m 9th April

Andrew McEwen             01:02:47 (1st Vet 50)

Trevor McAlister               01:16:57

Andy Lewis                         01:19:01

Catherine Young               01:32:38

John Randles                      01:35:21


Results for Liverpool to Manchester 50m 15th April

Les Cupis                             08:07:00

Results for Newport to Ryde 15th April

Stuart BACKHOUSE         00:45:43               (3rd Vet 45)

Charlie METCALFE            00:48:02               (1st Lady)

Nigel ELDRIDGE                00:50:03               (1st Vet 40)

Richard MELVILLE           00:51:57

Sam CLEARE                      00:53:55

Gordon BUSHELL             00:53:58

Graham GARDNER         00:55:32

Paul TAYLOR                      00:55:47

Tom HILL                             00:56:45               (2nd Vet 60)

Sally ROBERTS                  01:03:11               (2nd Vet 55)

Peter JOLLIFFE                  01:04:27               (1nd Vet 70)

Lauren MCINTYRE           01:05:54

Mike DIGNAN                  01:06:08

Andrew LEAL                     01:06:20               (2nd Vet 55)

Rosie ELDRIDGE               01:08:08               (2nd Vet 35)

Michelle MARTIN            01:08:26

Craig WHITE                      01:14:03

Peter WHITE                      01:14:03

Natalie ROSE                     01:15:14

Sasha LEVRIER                  01:15:29

Darren KINGSBURY        01:21:37

Joanne BEAK                     01:23:10

Angela THORNTON        01:23:17

Louise WILCOCK              01:26:42

Julie KINGSBURY             01:27:57

Ana PARKMAN                 01:29:33

Beth HOLLOWAY             01:29:33

Julie FERGUSON              01:29:45

Sue CLERKIN                      01:32:35               (1nd Vet 65)

Team results

2nd Men’s team Stuart BACKHOUSE, Nigel ELDRIDGE, Richard MELVILLE

2nd Lady’s team Charlie METCALFE, Sally ROBERTS, Lauren MCINTYRE


Results for West Wight 3 Hills 17th April

Stuart BACKHOUSE         00:52:30               (1st Vet 45)

Charlie METCALFE           00:56:04               (1st Vet 40)

Nigel ELDRIDGE                00:58:05

Ken BEAK                            01:04:49

Graham GARDNER         01:04:57

Graham MAITLAND       01:08:54               (3rd Vet 65)

Roger MERRY                    01:08:58

Cherry SHANNON           01:10:03               (3rd Vet 50)

Peter JOLLIFFE                  01:11:46               (1st Vet 70)

Samantha FANCOURT   01:14:01

Sally ROBERTS                  01:14:34               (2nd Vet 55)

Rosie ELDRIDGE               01:17:49

Christine Mary JACKSON 01:19:49

Stephen LEE                      01:23:03               (1st Vet 75)

Sasha LEVRIER                  01:26:06

Simon LEVRIER                 01:26:21

Team results

2nd Men’s team BACKHOUSE, Nigel ELDRIDGE, Ken Beak

3rd Lady’s team Charlie METCALFE, Cherry SHANNON, Samantha FANCOURT


Results for London Marathon 23rd April

Trevor McAlister               03:48:19

Elaine Parry                        03:52:08

Brian Warren                     03:55:54

Jonathan Norton              04:12:48 (26th Vet 70)

Catherine Young               04:28:20

Ana-Maria Roman            05:26:34

Results for Southampton Marathon 23rd April

Richard Melville                03:43:39

Results for Southampton Half Marathon 23rd April

Stuart Backhouse             01:21:31 (2nd Vet 40, 28th overall)

Simon Joy                            01:37:57

Michael Dignan                 01:57:42

Angela Lock                        02:42:54

Results for Southampton 10k 23rd April

Cole PEARCE                      00:39:16.5 (4th Senior Man, 13th overall)

Sean FURMIDGE               00:42:27.9 (3rd Vet 40)

Harry FURMIDGE             00:42:42.1

Claire GRACE                      00:46:12.5

Peter JOLLIFFE                   00:49:37.8 (2nd Vet 70)

Charlotte PACY                  00:49:41.7

Kate COUCH                       01:05:31.8


Results for Lakeside 5k Series Race 1

Peter Young                       00:20:35 (1st Vet 65)

John Randles                      00:26:37


Results for Three Forts Marathon 30th April

Stuart Backhouse             03:29:54 (1st Man, 2nd Overall)