Calculation of Handicap Target Times.

Several members were asking how the Handicap calculations work, so I thought I would type up a little explanatory note.
If a member has never run the Handicap previously, they will be given a target time based on their pace achieved in other club runs:
After running the Handicap for the first time, the time achieved will become the target time for the next event and from that point the following rules are applied for ongoing calculation of target time.
The procedure operates over the results for the last 3 events and has 8 categories.
For those who ran the last event:
• Beat Target Time – So change to this new time.
• Slower than time just this once so leave target unchanged.
• Slower than target for last 2 events, so change to fastest time over the last 3
• Slower than target for last 3 events, so change to fastest time over the last 2

For those that did not run the last event, see below
• Did not run this time, leave target unchanged
• Did not run last 2 times, so change to fastest from last 3
• Did not run last 3 times, use long term average
• Not run in living memory, leave target unchanged
Target times and the associated results are carried over from season to season.

The principle applied to the actual handicap event is that the slowest runner starts first and the fastest last, with everyone else in between. If the handicapping is exactly right everyone would finish at the same time.

In order to set the start times for everyone a spreadsheet is used to calculate a “Time from Slowest” and a “Time from Fastest” (These are the extra columns on the sheet we use on Club Nights to give you your starting time)

“Time from Slowest” is simply the target time of the slowest runner less your target time

When the event is started with the slowest runner, the first watch is also started, this indicates “Time from Slowest”.
When the start time for the fastest runner is reached a second watch is started this gives us the “Time” indicated on the results.

This is the correct “Actual Time” only for the fastest runner, all others need to have a Handicap time added to this to give their “Actual Time”.

This is the calculated “Time from Fastest” which is simply your target time less the time of the fastest runner.

I’m sure this will be ever so clear to you all !!